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Trump says dispute with Corker will not affect tax reform

10 Octobre 2017

The president did you a big favor. Bob Corker on Tuesday by ridiculing him for his height, even as advisers anxious that the president was further fracturing his relationship with congressional Republicans just a week before a vote critical to his tax cutting plan. Once Trump is in the rear-view mirror, it behooves Congress to extend and secure the prohibition on active military operating in civilian roles (as McMaster does) and to consider more stringent restrictions on ex-military in Cabinet roles.

Republicans need to keep Corker on board and prevent him from becoming a maverick like McCain, known for his sharply independent streak. The Senate's failure on health care has also led Trump to attack Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the past.

However, these hopes have largely been dashed, as the president's daughter seemingly wields little independent influence in the White House, instead perceiving her role as one in which she supports her father as part of his larger White House team.

Overall, Grassley, first elected to the Iowa Statehouse in 1958, during the Eisenhower administration, deflected a question on the overall tenor and style of the Trump White House. "All you have to do is take a look", he said when asked if Corker was right.

Trump has also advocated for a federal maternity leave policy. Eventually, you'd realize you'd given up a solid career of congressional service and a tenured congressional seat for a few months of hard work, minimal appreciation, and then a hunt for something else to do. But the gods were smiling upon you, and the bullet missed you.

Seemingly, Trump has only one publicly-documented substantial impact on her father since the advent of his administration. A great friend of mine, somebody respected by everybody, senator Bob corker. Corker, respected on both sides of the aisle for his even temper and solution-oriented approach, had raised eyebrows in August. When asked Wednesday about the "moron" reports, he said, "We don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense".

That drew a firestorm of protest.

Fifth, it is essential that if Corker and other Republicans honestly believe Trump is unfit that they prepare to primary him. In a weekend tweet, Trump claimed that Corker decided not to seek re-election because Trump would not endorse him.

A setback for Trump's promised plan to significantly change the tax code would only solidify perceptions that the president is an ineffective leader who is unable to convince his own party to back his priorities, according to one key ally who requested anonymity to discuss concerns about the White House agenda.

White House Aides Lean on Delays and Distraction to Manage TrumpIn interviews, senior staff and others close to the president have described a series of guardrails they use to push the president away from rash decisions. They can do that without Democratic support because of a Senate procedure that lets them avoid a filibuster on bills related to taxing and spending.

Trump says dispute with Corker will not affect tax reform