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Guns: Public safety is our right, too

11 Octobre 2017

It's not time to argue. Through stringent background checks, they also stopped criminals, spouse abusers and the mentally-ill-and-violent from owning guns. The situation is not much different than sending in a crisis team after a hurricane. For instance, Gun Violence Archives noted that the number of gun violence per capita in the U.S. in 2012 was almost 30 times that of the United Kingdom.

We need stricter laws to monitor who would have access to the guns.

The narrative is not a new one, and it is recycled by talking heads every time an attack like this occurs.

First notion - if more people have guns, the safer we are as a country.

Trump's message to survivors was that America was a "nation in mourning" and that the deadly rampage by shooter Stephen Paddock, 64, of Nevada was an "act of pure evil".

So why haven't we seen change?

Do you ever notice how the only lobby that runs the country, according to the Left, is the gun lobby (and sometimes the Koch brothers)? When our founding fathers added the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights, they were accustomed to your average musket or bayonet, which did not have the ability to potentially injure or kill scores of people in only a matter of seconds.

Gun control remains a very sensitive issue.

Another tweeted, "Las Vegas shooter used fully automatic weapon - those are already illegal". "Expansive interpretations of the right to bear arms will be the law of the land", he asserts, "until the "right" itself ceases to be".

For this reason, we don't allow private citizens to own nuclear arms. Of the 91 mass shootings in which four or more victims died since 1982, only three were committed by women, according to a database from the liberal-leaning news outlet Mother Jones.

■ Worldwide, there are 2.18 gun deaths per 100,000 persons per year.

You're right, the people pulling the trigger are "bad".

Improving mental health treatment also needs to play a role.

Because it is certainly impossible to have 100 percent of our country in flawless mental health 100 percent of the time, we must address the second half of this equation.

■ Americans make up 4.43 percent of the world's population but own 42 percent of the world's privately-held firearms. There are thousands of unlicensed gun-owners out there, and since we know nothing about them, we have no idea how they are going to use them.

"My rights shouldn't be restricted by others poor actions". So that you can lock your gun and that only you and those authorized can unlock and shoot and locate it when misplaced.

Past year also came with another heart-rending incident, when an Islamist, Omar Mateen, went into a gay nightclub at Orlando, Florida, with an assault rifle and a handgun and started spraying the crowd with bullets. You would never hurt anyone, and you're exhausted of being lumped in with those who do.

Discussing gun control is not banning guns or repealing the Second Amendment. Should there be gun control laws?

Gun owners are reluctant to give any ground, rightfully fearing that gun control advocates will take as much as they can, and come back for more.

In the five years following the tragedy that took place in Sandy Hook, there has been an enormous increase in overall gun legislation.

Unfortunately, as it is too often reported, there has been another mass shooting.

The massacre in Las Vegas was beyond senseless, well beyond tragic, well beyond sad and depressing. In 2012, it was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 28 were gunned down, including 20 children aged 6 and 7. What new laws might have prevented the violence in Vegas?

Other restrictions apply to people who have been issued restraining orders by courts to prevent harassment, stalking or threatening; people who have renounced their citizenship; dishonorably discharged military personnel; unauthorized migrants; and people temporarily visiting the United States on nonimmigrant visas, for example as tourists.

I find it so interesting that so many conservatives have two outrageously flawed notions about terrorism and guns. However things have dramatically changed as the U.S. military might is visible everywhere in most prominent wars in the world. But a ban will at least set the parameters for what is, and is not, responsible gun ownership.

This isn't a political issue; it's a human issue.

Guns: Public safety is our right, too