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Rift To Get New Touch Interface

12 Octobre 2017

It's actually really similar to the Gear VR because their apps are binary compatible and they share the same controller input set. The new headset does not need a separate computer to operate, thus offering more mobile uses than the existing Oculus Rift product.

The Oculus Go is Oculus' phone-free vision of the future: a US$200 headset with a "fast-switch LCD" screen and 2560 x 1440 resolution. In terms of functionality, the Oculus Go is pretty similar to the Gear VR.

Facebook has unveiled the $199 Oculus Go, a standalone virtual reality headset that does not require a PC, console or smartphone to work. As we said earlier, the controller used 3DOF tracking, so expect to be pointing into your virtual worlds rather than reaching in and grabbing stuff.

VR specialist Oculus has announced its most affordable headset at its fourth Connect developer conference.

Zuckerberg announced Oculus Go launches on 2018. The Oculus Go is company's first standalone VR headset.

That's right, the Oculus Go is the company's first all-in-one VR headset, negating the need to awkwardly slide your smartphone in or out, or avoid tripping on bulky wires when in the virtual world.

The cost of new headsets continues to drop and makes the technology to be more accessible for the variety of people.

There is no mention of the battery capacity and the Oculus Go doesn't have inside out tracking.

It's also a worthy competitor to those cheap VR headsets under Microsoft's new "Mixed Reality" umbrella. The Oculus Go also comes with lenses that offer a wide field of view but with a significant reduction in glare. It's a new self-sustaining system priced at $199, which will provide a single remote for gaming and will run a limited amount of Oculus apps. With what we know so far about the device, it would be hard to argue against that. 'It's awesome for watching movies or concerts, playing games, or just hanging out with your friends in VR, ' the company claims in its announcement.

Mark Zuckerburg wants to put one billion people in VR, and thinks that this is the way forward. Not only does this make VR more intuitive and convenient, it also lets you multitask like never before-a huge plus for creators and developers who use VR while they work.

Rift To Get New Touch Interface