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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp coming to iOS and Android in Late November

25 Octobre 2017

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Will this be a mobile version of the popular game?

After being delayed from its slated release of the first quarter of this year, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is due to launch in "late November 2017".

According to Nintendo, "In the first Animal Crossing game for mobile devices, you can interact with animal friends, craft furniture items, and gather resources while managing a campsite".

The new game involves players completing errands for animals while building a customised camp site.

This will involve completing missions from NPCs, and then putting in Crafting Requests. While players can collect materials by themselves, the game also supports "micro transactions" with the in-game Leaf Ticket currency. Players could skip the wait by spending 30 "leaf tickets". You can also customize your camper with decorations, and you can upgrade your vehicle with extensions to make them bigger. And it wouldn't be an Animal Crossing game without the ability to go into deep debt. The release of Super Mario Run that fall, however, caused the company to move the rest of its schedule around. It has since spawned many spin-offs on various Nintendo platforms such as the Gameboy, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS. These amenities build in real time, and furniture orders are also built in real time. Different animals may be at this location, ready to trade their materials for items you may have collected. These take a certain amount of time to accomplish, but if you're impatient, Leaf Tickets are available for in-game or real-life cash.

Make friends with adorable animal villagers and have fun creating a world of your own in the Animal Crossing series.

Most importantly, you can decorate the interior and exterior of your camper, which means you can head to OK Motors with Giovanni, Beppe and Carlo to pick out a sweet new paint job for your camper. It's all up to you! You'll be able to spend those Bells on new amenities for your campers, furniture and clothing, as well as upgrades to your very own camper van.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp coming to iOS and Android in Late November