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Cops urge parents to look up sex offenders on Halloween

01 Novembre 2017

"You can register any and all of the addresses where your children spend a lot of time; for example friend's, grandparents, or babysitter's addresses" stated the sheriff.

There are approximately 3,800 registered sex offenders in New Jersey.

The Sheriff suggests concerned parents find out where sex offenders live before taking their children out for Halloween.

MA law does not allow signs, so he chose to create his own program.

"The sex offenders that we'll have in jail on Halloween are ones that are serving their time from violations against the registry or ones who have pending charges that are waiting to go to court", says Harrell. Some parents share concerns that their child might be knocking on the door of a sex offender.

In South Carolina, the rules are different.

SC is requiring many sex offenders to stay inside their own homes during prime trick-or-treating hours on Halloween night.

"They're not all in a prison", James Paschke, a probation and parole officer with the Tennessee Department of Correction, said.

More than 20 deputies will be involved in tonight's effort to check on registered sex offenders, which the sheriff says highlights its security-related goal.

"Through our check, we actually arrested two of them for being non-compliant", said Sheriff Bailey.

Some experts, however, don't believe these kinds of programs work.

"The onus is really on parents to know their neighbors", Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney Jacqui Ford says.

"Children are four times more likely to be harmed by a vehicle on Halloween whereas there is no increased risk of sexual harm to a child on Halloween".

"All it does is make people really afraid, and it kind of destroys the humanity and the happiness of what should be a fun night", she told USA Today. "The citizens can feel safe", Carmichael said.

Sex offenders must stay indoors from 5 10 p.m.

Cops urge parents to look up sex offenders on Halloween