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Saudis court Palestinian support for grand alliance with Israel — Abbas in Riyadh

08 Novembre 2017

Traders said they were closely watching escalating tensions in the Middle East, especially between regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran.

But amid the uncertainty, one thing is sure - which side Trump is on.

Reminding the Al Saud regime of Iran's "power and position", the president noted that even the parties stronger than Saudi Arabia, such as the US, its allies and all of its mobilized forces, have failed to harm the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On Saturday, the Huthi rebels had allegedly fired a missile which fell into Saudi territory.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said the country has a right to respond if attacked by Iran.

Riyadh has defended the arrests as legal, saying that the suspects had been subjected to extensive investigation.

"President Abbas raised his concerns of the Israeli intention to implement the Arab Peace Initiative from Z to A, not from A to Z, meaning that Israel is interested in having a relationship with the Arab countries before having a Palestinian statehood", one official said.

In their meeting on Tuesday, Abbas and Salman also discussed their nations' bilateral relations, the Wafa report added.

The main reason is something more prosaic than geopolitics: costs.

"The involvement of the Iranian regime in supplying its Houthi militias with missiles is considered a direct military aggression by the Iranian regime and may be considered an act of war against the Kingdom", the prince said. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a telephone conversation with his British counterpart, Boris Johnson, that "the allegations by Saudi officials were contrary to reality and dangerous", according to Iran's foreign ministry spokesman, who was quoted by AFP.

The US has joined Saudi Arabia in blaming Iran for a missile that was shot down near Riyadh.

The number of domestic bank accounts frozen as a result of the purge was over 1,700 and rising, up from 1,200 reported on Tuesday, banking sources said. "They don't have one of the most effective", he said.

Will Mahmoud Abbas resign in Riyadh too?

The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain lined up behind Saudi Arabia after it accused Tehran of backing a thwarted missile strike - what it called an "act of war" - at Riyadh's international airport over the weekend.

The ongoing proxy war in Yemen has killed at least 10,000 and injured 40,000, due to mostly Saudi-led airstrikes. "The already devastated Yemeni economy will undoubtedly decline further, making it more and more difficult for Yemenis to meet their basic needs, which is why humanitarian assistance is so vital". Houthi rebels have been accused of carrying out the attack.

"Some of those they are harshly treating have been 'milking' their country for years!"

The coalition announced the closure of all ports in Yemen as of Monday. "This is not possible, it is impossible", Atallah said. "What are the Yemeni people supposed to do?" he asked.

Saudis court Palestinian support for grand alliance with Israel — Abbas in Riyadh