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Voters Talk Taxes, Trump in Virginia, New Jersey Races

11 Novembre 2017

But this week's election results had nothing to do with 2018 or President Trump - until he tweeted himself into the story. Democrats areare poised to make major gains in the Virginia House of Delegates as well, including electing the country's first openly transgender state lawmaker, and with several races still too close to call control of the chamber could still switch hands.

As they celebrated wins in Virginia, New Jersey, Washington and other states, ebullient California Democrats were already focusing on House races next year, arguing that their victories on Tuesday could presage a blue wave in 2018 - and potentially lead to Democrats taking back the House.

Virginia Democrats also elected Justin Fairfax as lieutenant governor - just the second African-American elected to statewide office since Reconstruction - and re-elected Mark Herring as attorney general. But maybe they won't.

Gillespie may have been doomed even if he remained the mainstream Republican candidate he was when he barely survived the primary against a Trump-inspired gadfly, when he properly denounced white supremacists in August, or when he set out to run a campaign about the economy and taxes.

"Women power, that is what we're seeing tonight", said a jubilant Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily's List, a year after perhaps the worst night in history for Democratic women.

This is what his loyalists ultimately want everyone to sign up for, the personality.

While local politics and issues weighed heavy on voters' minds, some also were driven by lingering resentment from Hillary Clinton's loss or still excited by Trump's win. "I always felt that they took advantage of the working people and the working class, so it was a little difficult". City councils often use similar processes for their own lines. As he drew nearer to Northam in the polls, Republicans had begun to suggest that his campaign would be a model going into next year's midterms. Or the curse of the White House.

After the inauguration of Trump, I witnessed the largest and most intense demonstration in Washington I've ever seen.

Or if a liberal Democrat had taken the Congressional seat vacated by conservative Jason Chaffetz in Utah (instead of being crushed by a Republican who didn't vote for Trump in 2016 but supports his agenda).

No one knows the state's electorate (or, for that matter, the nation's political soul) better than former Virginia Republican Rep. Tom Davis. That could lead to fairer maps that make the state more politically representative.

And while unemployment is low, Landes said Virginia continues to depend heavily on defense spending.

The tax increases in the GOP bill are not all terrible ideas by any means.

"If he's not the least, he's among the nation's most unpopular governors". I doubt this will happen because Alabama is Alabama. But Gillespie embraced those themes and he and his party were routed. State legislatures have the power to enact numerous rules that affect the voting process, such as voter ID requirements or early voting periods.

In theory, Trumpism without Trump is the right direction for the GOP. In Manassas, a young Marine veteran and member of the Democratic Socialists of America defeated the House majority whip.

In practice, Trump himself is going to loom all the larger in the party.

The magic number is 24.

"You could have co-chairmen of committees and work together to share that responsibility", he said.

Shannon Bream, host of "Fox News Tonight", similarly managed to bring up the firm behind the so-called Trump dossier that alleges ties between Trump's campaign and Russia, a document which played no part in Tuesday's elections. Independent commissions or other nonpartisan approaches should determine redistricting.

"When the bill comes to the floor, whatever bill it is, I predict it will have a huge vote".

Voters Talk Taxes, Trump in Virginia, New Jersey Races