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Epic Galactic Combat Despite the Loot Box Controversy

18 Novembre 2017

But read on. Hear us out.

There are lots of moments like that scattered throughout Battlefront II's campaign, and they're the big reason I've continued to peck at the story mode even after finishing it. I want to find all of those geeky little nods.

At the time of writing, the online petition has received more than 15,000 digital signatures, but the issue could be moved on thanks to the Belgian Gaming Commission.

Star Wars Battlefront II is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC. The sneaking suspicions of users that the game's loot box system resembled a "pay-to-win" scheme were only exacerbated by the staggering hero unlock times. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you didn't because we have literally no news since the announcement in 2016. This game's closing moments clear up some hanging threads from The Force Awakens but also tease some major revelations to come in the future.

Yet several recent high-profile releases have come in for heavy fire, players expressing dissatisfaction at the perceived exploitation of their time and money. Last night, just before launch, EA confirmed that microtransactions had been switched off. For now anyway. A leader of a village that was in intense opposition to the male leader of that village. However, Disney head of consumer products and interactive media Jimmy Pitaro did contact EA to let the publisher know about Disney's concerns. Regardless, EA heard the complaints, and has disabled micrtotransactions in Battlefront II as it scrambles to figure out an amicable compromise.

So, so many cosmetic items. First, EA tried to defend itself against the charges that Battlefront 2 was a $60 game with a potential to spend thousands more on loot crates.

There will be other deals across the week, leading up to Black Friday on 24 November. Players in this class can also repair and detonate cannons. Players still need to spend an outrageous amount of time to unlock everything and your success in the "short term" remains heavily influenced by RNG.

"Thank you to everyone in our community for being the passionate fans that you are". We learn more about Leia's time on Naboo, and get to see more fallout from Operation Cinder.

The selection is wide, with some very recently released games included as part of the offer.

Microtransaction systems are commonplace in AAA games today. The company has already committed Johnson to another entire trilogy of his own design, entrusting the director with one of the most well-protected universes in media. The industry must be in a really, really bad state if all games are looped into the conversation of, "so are you getting Battlefield or Call of Duty this year?" Featuring 12 levels to complete and taking around six to seven hours to do so, this is one of the essential ways to gain credits early on.

It feels great to play. Watching the Battle of Endor from the Imperial perspective should entice any Star Wars fan, but what comes next is even more exciting.

Epic Galactic Combat Despite the Loot Box Controversy