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Rain Changing To Snow

20 Novembre 2017

Showers will linger through Sunday morning as the cold front will be slow to push off the coast.

The steadiest rain will likely develop later Saturday night through daybreak Sunday. We'll see plenty of sunshine with dry conditions and a light breeze.

The system follows the typical pattern for the changing of the season - similar to storms of March - with cold Canadian air driven farther south during the autumn season, meeting warmer air moving north from the Carolinas.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance for a snow shower. This will bring gusty winds, and a significant drop in temperatures. If you have any pre-Thanksgiving plans, you should be in good shape if you stay around here.

The weekend will start with heavy rain possible, as well as a chance for thunderstorms. Tuesday is looking dry and a bit milder with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s.

For the rest of the day winds will be gusting between 30 and 45 miles per hour across all our neighborhoods.

That makes room for our next cold front to sweep late Tuesday night but most likely with little fanfare. The most susceptible areas will be on bridges and overpasses. While it doesn't look like a big hit of snow, there will be localized accumulation from the lake effect, especially Sunday night into Monday morning.

HEADING TO THE HOLIDAY: Thanksgiving temperatures are cool in the mid-40s. Wednesday will be partly sunny with highs in the mid-50s. Overnight lows are expected to fall back into the 20s for tonight.

Thanks to southwest winds, temperatures will rise to the low to mid 50s in Philadelphia Saturday afternoon.

Rain Changing To Snow