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Expect To Spend More Green On Christmas Trees This Year

22 Novembre 2017

The department says almost 4,000 acres of CT farmland are planed with Christmas trees.

Would you replace your Christmas tree with a pineapple? Plus commercial trees take about 8 years to grow, and 8 years ago, the economic recession changed the way farmers farm.

They are then decorated with fairy lights, as you would a normal tree, directions and of course, a star at the top.

This weekend will be the only time you can tag a tree and come back at a later date to cut it down.

This benefit auction will sell the trees and raise money for the hippodrome colony historical theatre association.

Tom Nieman has a Christmas tree farm here in Lexington. Buying a tree two weeks earlier also means two extra weeks of twinkling Christmas lights and the aroma of pine in your living room.

However, one local tree farmer in Havana says their shortage is due to another problem.

Tradition. That's why some Wabash Valley residents say they not only select a live Christmas tree each year, but visit a tree farm to ensure a fresh evergreen, often one cut down before their eyes. "I've never not had trees going into my season".

"All you do is just water it, once a day, and then you got this handsome tree that stays alive all season".

A report from the GWD Forestry predicts the shortage could last until 2025, citing droughts and wildfires in major growing states as an additional factor.

Once you buy your tree, get it into a strong stand don't let it dry out during the holiday season. "It's not just a tree". This is the first year they are opening to the public and they are extremely excited.

"We keep expanding the varieties that we bring in and try and make sure we have plenty of trees", said Weubbe.

"If we push retail prices too high, we risk pushing someone to a fake tree".

"The Firs hold up the best, Fraser Fir being closer to North Carolina is better than getting a Douglas Fir or Noble Fir from MI or OR, I've handled some of those", said Parker.

Expect To Spend More Green On Christmas Trees This Year