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FCC chairman sets out to repeal 'net neutrality' rules

22 Novembre 2017

The internet must be open, fair, and competitive for all users, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

The Federal Communications Commission could approve a plan next month that would allow internet service providers to block or slow down access to content online. In the lower, post-net neutrality world, internet service is divided into specific uses one can opt in or out of.

FCC Chairman Pai say the rule is preventing the development of new and better broadband technology and says it is an example of excessive government regulation.

The FCC released the full text of the order on Wednesday. "They were the ones who told us, look it's hard enough as it is for us to raise capital and invest in some of these areas, especially in rural or low income areas, these regulations don't make that any easier", Pai said. "The companies may also be able to prioritize their own services while disadvantaging websites run by rivals".

Pai distributed his alternative plan to other FCC commissioners Tuesday in preparation for a December 14 vote.

Read the entire draft order here.

Commissioner Brendan Carr expressed his support for the order. More than 22 million comments have been filed with the FCC about whether net neutrality should be rolled back. "Congress must stop Chairman Pai's plan in its tracks and ensure that net neutrality remains the law of the land". Although the FCC's two Democrats said they will oppose the proposal, the repeal is likely to prevail as Republicans dominate 3-2. It hands broadband providers the power to decide what voices to amplify, which sites we can visit, what connections we can make, and what communities we create. The rules mandate that they give equal access to all online content and apps. "And if there's truly something anticompetitive then the Federal Trade Commission can take action against anybody in the internet economy, not just ISPs, but anybody based on this longstanding authority. And the Internet wasn't broken in 2015 when these heavy-handed regulations were adopted".

In May, dozens of victims wrote a letter to the FCC stating that their information was stolen and they were concerned that the agency wasn't doing anything to address the issue because the fake comments supported the agency's latest rules on net neutrality.

The proposed order will be voted on during a December 14 FCC meeting.

The national cap says that companies owning multiple TV stations may only reach 39 percent of all US households.

By dismantling net neutrality, ISPs such as Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon could potentially block or throttle content from rivals, or from companies that don't pay a certain fine. On the other side, companies such as Google parent Alphabet Inc, Facebook Inc, Amazon and video streaming player Netflix Inc were among the big corporations that had petitioned Pai to not scrap the rules. Pai served as an associate general counsel at Verizon for two years.

Concerns about Pai's deregulatory agenda grew as the FCC unveiled significant policy proposals in the final days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

When I realized it was supposed to be from Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), a prominent advocate of net neutrality, I thought maybe it was a clever hoax.

FCC chairman sets out to repeal 'net neutrality' rules