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Here's what happens when you deep fry a frozen turkey

22 Novembre 2017

Thanksgiving Day holds the second-highest rate of drunken driving fatalities nationwide, falling behind only New Year's Eve according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

- The star of the Thanksgiving table is obvious, but the safety concerns over frying a turkey has contributed to the holiday becoming the peak day for home cooking fires.

Your kitchen might well be the center of your holiday activities, but be careful-it's also where most house fires start. Between 2011 and 2015, such fires caused an average of 510 deaths, 5,470 reported injuries and $1.2 billion in property damage per year, the group states. Far too many homes have been destroyed and people injured, or killed, by fires that could have been easily avoided. If you must leave the room even for a short period of time, turn off the stove. If you are simmering, baking, roasting, or boiling food, check it regularly.

The demonstration, held at the fire department headquarters last week, showed the dangers of improperly frying a turkey.

Below are some safety tips to make sure your Thanksgiving is fire-free.

Never leave something you're cooking unattended. Most units do not have thermostat controls. This way, you won't forget about the bird as you watch the parade or football.

· Make sure the floor is clear of tripping hazards such as children, toys, bags, or pets that could cause you to fall.

An overfilled cooking pot will cause oil to spill over when the turkey is placed outside.

-Use well-insulated potholders or oven mitts when touching pot or lid handles. "Make sure the turkey is completely thawed and that your cooking oil is 350 degrees", said Anderson. Steam or splash from the food can lead to serious burns.

Keep a fire extinguisher handy, oil splatters can occur.

Don't inadvertently invite the fire department to your family dinner.

Don't hesitate to call 911 for oven fires.

Here's what happens when you deep fry a frozen turkey