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Tesla invites Model 3 reservation holders to design their cars

22 Novembre 2017

As exciting as the unveiling of the Semi is for the company, its release has brought a stream of criticisms from auto-tech experts and competitors. The torque figure is 10,000 Nm.

The battery for the truck is built into the chassis and each of the four rear wheels has its own motor.

And, given all this, it's not like he did something other companies would shy away from. He should have released the Kraken while the crisis was at its peak, not now, when he claims it's on the mend. An even faster charge may be coming, too.

"Reserving Tesla trucks marks an important step in our efforts to implement industry-changing technology", said J.B. Hunt CEO John Roberts in a statement. The system is design to keep a vehicle in its lane without drifting, change lanes on command, and transition from one freeway to another with no human intervention. And it does not end there. A Tesla spokesman declined to comment on the record.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted Sunday in a tweet that a "special upgrade package" of the company's new Roadster supercar could enable it to briefly fly short hops. Those gains make electric trucks less costly to maintain than diesel trucks, he said. They can also be fully charged overnight. But most of that growth is expected to be for smaller, medium-duty haulers like garbage trucks or delivery vans. It's not the same thing as physically seeing the truck as you poke your head out the window, but it's something truck drivers will get used to. That solar-powered fast charger can supply about 400 miles of electricity in 30 minutes.

Bloomberg estimates that electric trucks will cost operators about 12 cents a mile on maintenance.

Tesla recently made a massive announcement in regards to their latest projects. It is hard to take a snapshot of a company's finances in a particularly turbulent moment and use it as an accurate barometer of the future. The serial production of the electric car will be in 2020.

It does 0-100km  h in 1.9 seconds
It does 0-100km h in 1.9 seconds

Like his previous electric cars, the Roadster, the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, Musk has rolled out a product that is smarter, cleaner and safer, as well as aspirational.

Regardless of your opinion, Musk deserves a thank you for raising trucking's profile to heights it has never reached before. Tesla is charging a total of $50,000 for reservations of the regular Roadster.

New customers are responding to the appeal.

All of these new plants will require huge amounts of capital.

Musk didn't reveal the semi's price. Its production will begin from 2019. Its price is yet to be disclosed. Daimler, Cummins, and Bosch are taking electric commercial trucks very seriously in their product planning and development.

The surge in orders announcements that accompanied last week's Tesla Semi launch has gone quiet.

Tesla invites Model 3 reservation holders to design their cars