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Messiah Lutheran Church to Host Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner

24 Novembre 2017

More than 600 meals were prepared by volunteers who started as early as 5 a.m.

A phalanx of 26 foil trays, each holding a different dish and each manned by a different volunteer, lined one wall of the church basement.

Barber thanked the numerous local vendors who donated food. Six years ago, the church congregation began holding a Thanksgiving Day Dinner with an open invitation for anyone to attend, especially those who don't have anyone to share the holiday with.

"This is great", Barber said.

"People have asked us, 'Why do we do stuff like this?' The question is why not?" said Robert Harper, the pastor at the church.

Several young volunteers lent a hand Thursday.

They take months of planning and organizing and solicitation of volunteers.

"Up until now it now it is been up to 150 on average, but it looks like we will have a few more this year", Payne said. "It's good to give back and show the boys a lot of people out there are less fortunate. This is the first time we've been by ourselves in 42 years of marriage", Dan said. "We are pretty blessed and we trying to bless other people too".

Numerous volunteers are regulars coming out each year to give back. Again, on Thursday, Nov. 23, the meal deliveries will occur.

"We lost our husbands different times through the years so we're all widows and widowers...namely Henry and this makes it so much easier", added friend, Evi Costa.

Across town at the St. Vincent de Paul Kitchen on East Jackson Street, about 40 volunteers were helping prepare and serve meals to the needy, program director Mike Cianciotta said.

While there were many similarities on Thursday to the dinners that had been held over the past five decades, this one was different - and perhaps a little more special - than the others. He's personally delivered meals to rooms for elderly and disabled individuals. She said once the visitors stop coming in she and the volunteers will package meals and deliver them to others in the community.

Messiah Lutheran Church to Host Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner