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Let Trump Speak Directly to the North Korean People — Editorial

01 Décembre 2017

The top diplomats have held three meetings over the past months but only on the sidelines of international events outside of South Korea and Japan.

GREENE: "It was a success", that announcement said.

The launch was personally supervised by the nation's leader in the Pyongsong region - 18 miles north of the capital - and 24 hours later he made public the images of the missile, its launch and its specifications. In an age of cheap and instant communication between continents, the idea that a Twitter account with over 43 million followers can't penetrate a poor and decrepit police state's borders seems almost laughable. The new vehicle featured nine axles, compared with the eight-axle truck used to carry the Hwasong-14.

But the government's assurances about the students' safety received a cold response from teachers, students and parents.

ELISE HU, BYLINE: Good morning. The net loss for the quarter to Oct. 28 was $558 million, or $5.19 a share, compared with $748 million, or $6.99 a share, in the same period a year ago. "This is building on what they've done before". But there's a potentially major catch: it might not have the power to go much farther than the West Coast if it is loaded down with a real nuclear warhead, not a dummy like the one it carried in its test launch on Wednesday.

"If the students get in trouble we won't be able to face their parents".

Kim said, "This is indeed a new type of missile". Many, no doubt, have been so thoroughly indoctrinated in the Kim cult that they cannot reason for themselves; but perhaps not all.

HU: So far, yes, that's right.

The most recent launch has been condemned by Moscow.

Miyagi has previously said a nuclear strike on Hawaii would result in thousands of deaths, thermal radiation, severe damage to critical infrastructure, widespread fires and other chaos.

HU: Well, North Korea calls this missile Hwasong-15.

Their tuition and living expenses are provided by the two governments.

The Korean Central News Agency described the launch in a report on Wednesday using the initials of the country's formal name, People's Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK).

"No", Sanders answered, pointing out that Trump has pledged additional sanctions following Tuesday's missile test. China has helped with the sanctions, implementation and enforcement.

US President Donald Trump, who in September called North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un "little rocket man", repeated the slight again a day after the secretive country launched an advanced ballistic missile that analysts said was of great concern.

She said the tests are a "reminder that this is not a safe world anymore. He doesn't know what he means when he uses the word 'diplomacy, ' and he's consistently off-message with others in the administration - most notably Trump and (National Security Adviser H.R.) McMaster", said Jackson, a North Korea expert and former policy adviser in the U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense.

"What's interesting here is North Korea saying it's reached its goal".

Earlier, South Korea's Yonhap news agency had reported that the hermit kingdom was going to make an "important" announcement around noon local time and noted that the North's state-run radio station refrained from divulging any more information. It will include a wailing sound in the middle to distinguish it from the other alert.

Let Trump Speak Directly to the North Korean People — Editorial