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Android Oreo Go Edition is meant for entry-level smartphones

05 Décembre 2017

In addition, Google Go begins displaying search results as you type, along with buttons containing suggestions based on your query.

Android Oreo Go is now available for manufacturers and the first device with Android Oreo Go will be launched in India. For example, the size of Google Go app before installation is going to be 5MB, which is eight times less than the Google app on regular smartphones.

Android Oreo (Go Edition) is designed for smartphones with between 512Mb and 1Gb of RAM, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and earlier models. Customised for India's slower mobile networks and a large number of entry-level smartphones, Google Go comes with the local language support and quick shortcuts to Google services such as search, voice search, images, GIFs, YouTube, weather, translate, and Maps. The system was developed for Android Oreo devices with 512 MB to 1 GB and is made up of three key components.

Another great thing about Files Go is that as well as letting users manage their files effectively, it also provides recommendations on how they can free up space.

There's good news for users who love using Bluetooth devices.

The search engine giant said the apps especially designed for Android Go will load at least 15 percent faster due to user interface (UI) optimisations along with built-in data management and security features. Google says it is making sure the lightweight version is similar in experience. Google said using Data Saver in Chrome saves the average user more than 600MB of data per year. Go Edition will be available globally.

Google is also giving data-saving features turned on out of the box.

With Android Go, Google aims to draw the next "billion users". Android Go is basically a special configuration of Android 8.1 Oreo meant for low-end devices with 1GB RAM or less.

The Google Files Go App is now out of beta, the app is created to help you free up space on your Android device. Furthermore, Google even introduced apps such as Google Go, Go Play Store, etc., which are optimised to run better in the Android Oreo (Go Edition). Moreover, Google announced the Reliance Jio Phone is the first feature phone to offer Google Assistant support.

Android Oreo Go Edition is meant for entry-level smartphones