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Not Even Voter Suppression Could Keep Black Women From The Polls

16 Décembre 2017

When I saw CNN's exit polls, I didn't see Black women donning capes and rushing to the polls to save the state of Alabama from Roy Moore.

Organizers responded by constructing a tent city on seven acres of land, to give those newly homeless a place to live while they continued to register voters.

"We had nothing", Mauk told AFP.

What does Koenig want to hear from the Democratic Party - state and national?

Alabama counties have until December 22 to report results to the State Canvassing Board which is made up of Gov. Kay Ivey, Secretary of State John Merrill and Attorney Gen. Steve Marshall.

Also voting for Jones was Jamaican Mable Dixon.

Lee, a member of the Democratic National Committee, concedes the Democratic Party does have work to do.

It's perverse but strikingly transparent how Democrats ultimately benefit from the poverty and suffering of black voters under Republican leadership in red states.

Nor does the Democratic Party spend enough money addressing the policy concerns of black voters.

Selma, Ala., an 80 percent Black populated hub of the civil rights movement, which was among the last to report results, appeared to have carried Jones across the line. "It's about organizing", Ellison tweeted.

His strategy was much more effective than, for example, that of Jon Ossoff, a Democrat who lost his bid for a Georgia House seat this year.

On Election Day, Mitchell said she helped get 300 people to the polls. And while that has Democrats all over the country celebrating, this win has special significance for Alabama Democrats.

"It hit home more with black women, because of the way black women were treated during slavery - raped and assaulted, often and with no repercussions", she said.

According to exit polls, 29 percent of African Americans in Alabama voted, slightly higher than the black turnout of 28 percent in the 2012 presidential election, when Obama was on the ballot. If white celebrities, activists, and ordinary people want to properly thank the Black women who elected Doug Jones, it requires that they reframe their PSAs.

But the most important message wasn't how black women - and men - voted, the fact that their support truly elected Jones notwithstanding.

Alabama's black voters overwhelmingly chose Mr. Jones, and turned out in force despite numerous obstacles placed in front of them.

Glasgow says that while Alabama voters are basking in the victory, they are looking ahead to the future. A former US attorney, Jones prosecuted two Ku Klux Klan members for the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, in which four African-American girls were killed.

Fast forward to Monday: Barkley was standing on stage at a Jones campaign rally, urging the candidate's supporters forward.

Lowndes County in southern Alabama became a flashpoint of this struggle in 1965, when more than 20 Black families were evicted by white landowners for mobilizing against racial segregation and the near-total suppression of the African-American vote.

Trump remains personally popular in some quarters - Alabama voters approved and disapproved of him equally - but he exhibited no coattails.

"They've always had our votes, and they've abused our votes, and this is a wake up call", Barkley said. "You can make it happen". And that's the first time in my life that it's proven to be true, particularly as a citizen of Alabama.

"This was a referendum on a single candidate", Connors said in a reference to Moore.

It's is not news that the Dems have counted on the black vote without having to work for the black vote for a long time.

Not Even Voter Suppression Could Keep Black Women From The Polls