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Donald Trump: Will beat Oprah Winfrey but she's unlikely to run

10 Janvier 2018

"And if that's true, I would just like to say - Oprah you will never be President".

Winfrey delivered a powerful speech during Sunday night's Golden Globes after earning a lifetime achievement award, prompting several calls around the country for her to a mull a presidential bid in 2020.

President Donald Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he could beat Oprah Winfrey if she runs for president.

"We also know it's the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and to injustice", she added, in an obvious dig at regular media critic Trump.

"She would absolutely do it", Graham said.

He even appeared on her talk show twice - once in 1988 by himself and more recently in 2011 with his family.

An outsized response seems to have taken her aback, say sources close to Winfrey.

"There is possibly no other person in America who commands the attention that she does", Democratic consultant Minyon Moore told me Monday. "She should consider running".

Winfrey's heartfelt stories and podium-pounding climax sparked cheers and applause that reminded me of rising IL state Sen.

Barack Obama jumped on the list of White House hopefuls the instant he finished his soaring 2004 Democratic convention speech - while still a candidate for a Senate seat from IL.

Her dad definitely won't be retweeting this tweet (or learning the National Anthem, probably).

Following Winfrey's speech on sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood, social media lit up about a possible presidential run.

Although Winfrey didn't hint at a political future in so many words, the internet did it for her.

What Democrats need is a candidate who is willing to back the myriad progressive issues which have always been supported by the majority of Americans, and who will gladly trade political expediency for popular support. They don't have anyone who can stare down Mr Trump, and come up with a strategy to beat him, and put more Democrats in Congressional and state legislative seats. "We welcome the challenge whether it be Oprah Winfrey or anybody else". That's an impressive number and a slight hint that the Democrats should let her run in 2020. Oprah's speech sparked a Twitter debate between the left's many factions who questioned whether she was far left and anti-establishment enough to energize the Democratic base - as if Trump's trashing of Republican norms has not already exposed the hazards and folly of extremism in party ranks. And, Mr Trump, as well as her friend Mr Obama, have opened the door for her to walk through. She has got, you know...

Micheline Maynard is a journalist, broadcaster and author.

Donald Trump: Will beat Oprah Winfrey but she's unlikely to run