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Google details VR180 video format, more 180-degree cameras soon

10 Janvier 2018

Since this is the first Daydream VR headset with Worldsense, it may take a while before content that takes advantage of the technology is available.

Now you can create your own VR content and then experience once-in-a-lifetime moments, on demand, with the Lenovo Mirage Camera with Daydream. Just point, shoot and voila! It has been developed to leverage Google's VR180 format and allows you to capture high-resolution immersive videos.

If that isn't enough, however, Lenovo has another Daydream device ready. Both Lenovo Mirage Solo and Lenovo Mirage Camera comes with new technologies such as WorldSense and VR180 to everyday users. That's a shorter battery life than most high-end phones, but that means that you can spare your precious handheld the rigors of supporting VR, namely extreme heat and quick battery drainage. This headset is one of a new generation of Google Daydream powered standalone devices, built around Qualcomm's reference design using the Snapdragon 835 VR platform. You can simply put it on to experience immersive content.

This combination is similar to Windows Mixed Reality headsets, which also rely on outward-facing cameras to track headset position.

Google details VR180 video format, more 180-degree cameras soon
Google details VR180 video format, more 180-degree cameras soon

The standalone device looks like the Daydream View, with a fairly small visor held in place by a headband. There's also a 3.5mm headphone jack. Stay tuned for more. As for the price, I've pinged Lenovo's local team for more info.

Break free from wires, PCs or phones with the comfort and simplicity of the world's first standalone Daydream headset. There's also some breathable padding in areas where the headset touches the skin, though it remains to be seen how fast that will become a grime depository. That dichotomy represents the two options that consumers have had for VR experiences thus far; either they can sandwich their smartphone in a cardboard or plastic viewer, or break the bank on buying a high-end PC and peripheral attachment like Oculus or HTC Vive. The controls are the same for both headsets, so those familiar with the Daydream View will have no problems with the Mirage Solo. Sporting a clickable trackpad, app and home buttons, and a volume rocker, you can change the controller's function from app to app. And you can make games even more lifelike with the wireless Daydream controller - baseball bat, steering wheel or whatever fits your chosen app. "YI's camera has excellent image quality, as well as compelling features for creators like livestreaming and a preview display that will help make capturing in VR easier than ever before".

The Mirage Solo will be available for under $400 in Q2 2018, Lenovo says. The play space of WorldSense has a diameter of around 5 feet (1.5 meters), according to The Verge.

All battery life claims are approximate.

Google details VR180 video format, more 180-degree cameras soon