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Samsung Modular MicroLED technology

10 Janvier 2018

Indeed the MicroLED is what which attracts the new eyeballs of the consumers. The launch, held the two days before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), showcased an impressive lineup of products set to debut in 2018, including the first-ever 146-inch MicroLED consumer modular TV, "The Wall" (Pictured: Samsung's Jonghee Han and Dave Das on stage unveiling The Wall- Photo credit: Powers Imagery). The suggestion is that MicroLED will scale larger than conventional display technologies, including OLED which become prohibitively expensive to produce beyond 65-inches.

The Verge wrote a piece on this TV and said that while you can see the seams between modules under bright lighting conditions, there virtually non-existent when watching content. The advantages of an emissive display like OLED are ideal black levels, excellent color, and near-perfect off-angle viewing - in a nutshell, OLED is excellent at everything LCD/LED TVs are not. AI isn't going to take your job yet, and it might just help you, but it is going to be a very, very big category, and will span across lots of different products. In fact Samsung will be employing deep learning AI to make the process better and more efficient. Without one, you can't do much, and this also makes a difference to things like video editing, graphics, 3D, and so on. Paired with layers of black and anti-reflection filters, created to minimise internal light leakage and external glare, as well as an anti-blooming algorithm, then for most people there should be little difference between the two technologies.

How does Samsung's MicroLED work?

Called the "Modular MicroLED", it nearly sounds as if Samsung just made a decision to jumble a few cool-sounding words together.

The image above, released by Samsung, doesn't really do justice to the size of this screen.

Samsung has come to CES 2018 with an enormous 4k TV it's calling "The Wall" - and it's also claiming the wall to be "the world's first modular TV".

The TV is the fist to use a new technology called "MicroLED", which are much smaller than current LEDs in TVs. It packs an 8K resolution regardless of its size. While this is a great innovation, considering the base television is 146 inches, it's unlikely that anything apart from businesses will utilise the option to add more screens. According to Digital Trends, when the picture dims one can clearly see the individual panels something which not appeal to the consumers.

Samsung Modular MicroLED technology