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Bill Belichick says he 'absolutely' intends to coach Patriots next season

12 Janvier 2018

Everything is a great opportunity, and we have a great opportunity as a team. And tell us there's a chance that you'll actually share it someday.

"We're all there to do a job, and that's to go out and do our best to help the team win". Brady wouldn't exactly detail any frustration, if he had any, in an interview right before the Patriots play their first playoff game.

Belichick clearly believed in Garoppolo, and I'm sure he doesn't mind it being public that he wanted to keep him. "And, you know, I think as a fan growing up, I mean to see Joe Montana playing in another uniform, and again, to see Jerry Rice or Ronnie Lott - guys that I really looked up to and admired - there's not many happy endings in sports and that's just the way it is".

But Hall of Fame Giant and Super Bowl XI champion Harry Carson would love to see him back with the franchise, even if it were not as head coach in the event the New England dynasty were to break up over a reported power struggle.

"Those interviewed describe a palpable sense in the building that this might be the previous year together for this group", Wickersham wrote in his report.

Brady was on Westwood One radio Saturday and spoke glowingly about Belichick.

"We've worked very hard to get ourselves to this spot: to be 13-3, to have the 1-seed, to have the bye is a very hard thing to do".

What we are going to tell you is that while Camelot may have some cracks it's unlikely anything changes at all in New England and here is why. If Brady, Belichick and Kraft can find a way to grab their sixth Lombardi trophy together, it could go a long way in helping to patch things up between them.

Throughout my career I have been blessed to work with many remarkable athletes in a variety of sports.

And he said he has a "great relationship" with Belichick. There is no coach I would rather play for. "To think anything different than that is complete nonsense", Brady said.

Then he was asked whether he planned to be back as New England's coach next season: "Absolutely".

When it was mentioned to Harmon that Belichick can be hard on Brady, and he was questioned if Brady might get exhausted of that, Harmon said, "Coach Belichick is tough on everybody, man".

The report stated that the Patriots coach tried talking the matter over with his quarterback, to no avail.

According to the story, the trade provided relief for Brady, 40, who saw Garoppolo as a threat. Brady views the Patriots as "his team" and according to the ESPN report many teammates consider him part of management and many call him "sir".

"An email designed to solve problems only created more of them".

"And actually after the reunion was over, Belichick texted me, and he said, 'Thank you for doing this".

The possibility of Belichick, who was a Giants assistant from 1979-90, returning to the Meadowlands is tantalizing. If the Belichick-Brady era is coming to an end after this postseason run, that would be a lot more shocking than it ending in another year or two. An article that prompted the Patriots to release a joint statement by the three involved denying (sort of but not really) the report.

The Patriots followed the article by making a statement, calling the claims "unsubstantiated, highly exaggerated or flat-out inaccurate". The three of us share a common goal.

Forget that John Gruden just set the market value for a head coach by joining the Oakland Raiders on a 10-year, $100 million deal, the Giants would need to part ways with several draft picks and potentially even some players. As our actions have shown, we stand united.

The Patriots did not respond on the record for the story, other than to say it contained "several inaccuracies" and multiple events "that absolutely did not occur". It probably won't until after the season.

Bill Belichick says he 'absolutely' intends to coach Patriots next season