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Ford unveils Edge ST Performance SUV

12 Janvier 2018

The Edge ST will be powered by a 250kW/515Nm 2.7-litre turbocharged V6 engine coupled to a quick-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission, which Ford Performance reckons is the most potent combination in its class. Well, it seems they took the old Edge Sport and added more goodies. Ford also included a Sport mode, which is created to deliver optimal transmission and engine performance. It will arrive from the factory with a stiffer suspension tune and be available in four new colors, most notable of which is the Ford Performance blue that you see in the pictures.

The Edge ST offers a Sport Mode that provides heightened throttle response, rev-matched downshifts on braking, sharper engine braking and gear-holding in cornering.

The designer of the new vehicle, Steve Gilmore, indicates that the auto was styled to appear "sinister", being engineered on track. Mercedes-Benz offers AMG versions of virtually every ute in its line-up. To our minds the first ST model was the Mondeo ST24 of more than 20 years ago and since then we've had a fairly steady stream of fast (ish) Fords, from the underwhelming (ST170) to the bloody fantastic (outgoing Fiesta). "This thing is invigorating".

For those eating this crossover's dust, the new liftgate complete with gloss black and chrome accents as well as dual-exhaust openings could be considered consolation.

Of course, those cars all fall short of the eminent "ST" designation on performance, which the 2019 Ford Edge ST has very little risk of doing. There's a unique fascia-mounted, bead-blasted exhaust. The Edge ST gets a unique logo on it liftgate and sill plates, too. Brauer feels it is the right time to have the performance elements of the vehicle in SUVs as well, notes Fortune.

The brakes are now part of a group of standard features for safety on the Edge, said Ford, including technology that helps to detect objects as well as pedestrians and help prevent collisions by braking and steering automatically for drivers.

It's the most powerful engine that Ford's ever fitted in this model - edging out, so to speak, the larger 3.5-liter atmospheric V6 with its 280 hp and 315 lb-ft. Several even more advanced technologies are optional, such as collision warning with the ability to steer around a potential obstacle to avoid a crash.

Wheel sizes range from 18 inches on lesser Edges up to optional 21-inch summer tires on the ST. You also get better brakes.

Notable tech features include the ability to locate, unlock, start, and lock the auto with a mobile app and connect up to 10 devices to in-car WiFi.

Ford unveils Edge ST Performance SUV