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Jon Gruden brings up Tom Brady anger in Raiders welcome

12 Janvier 2018

"I'd just like to thank Mark Davis and Mrs. Davis for this opportunity", Gruden said, referencing Mark's mother, Carole, the widow of Raiders icon Al Davis.

It didn't take too long for Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden to get reacquainted with the rivalry involving his team and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mike Ditka, who knows the perils of coaching after a layoff, said he likes Jon Gruden's chances of succeeding as new head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

Rich Gannon flourished under the tutelage of Jon Gruden during his first stint as Raiders coach.

An interesting twist to Gruden's contract is that of all National Football League teams, the Raiders ownership group has among the least cash on hand. Raiders Owner Mark Davis is "shoving all of his poker chips in the middle" by giving Gruden such a large contract, as he will "make less money than only four players now on the roster" in '18 (THEATHLETIC.com, 1/5).

McVay addressed the possibility Olson could move on during his Sunday press conference, saying, "I have so much respect for coach Olson".

The personable and vocal head coach went straight from the sidelines to the TV booth in 2009 after the Buccaneers fired him.

That's why everything about this feels like it is more about business than ball.

Since the turn of the century, the Raiders had been on no better a track than they were in the early 2000's when Gruden led them to 38-26 record (.594) and two division titles.

The last time the Raiders interviewed a USC offensive coordinator for their top job they ended up hiring Lane Kiffin.

Davis now has his man in Gruden, and wants this pact to work in the short and long term. "Number one, I love football". "At that time, we were trying to get a stadium built in Oakland and I wanted Jon Gruden to run the Raider franchise, with Reggie McKenzie".

Gruden has been gathering a coaching staff in advance of Tuesday's expected announcement. That includes him being able to step to the microphone in front of a room full of Hall of Fame Raiders and call the occasion a "big effing deal".

That working relationship could be the key to Gruden's success or failure.

In all the times Lynch's teams (Buffalo, Seattle and Oakland) played on Monday Night Football, he never made himself available at ESPN production meetings to be introduced to Gruden.

"He came back to the Raiders for I think similar reasons I did: I think he loves Oakland, I think he loves the Raiders", Gruden said.

When asked about the reported deal, Gruden quipped that he doesn't have a guarantee that he will be alive for another 10 years.

We know he's either 62 or 63 years old, even the Raiders media relations department doesn't know for sure.

"I think he has a character like Bill Walsh-he can be your best friend or your worst enemy", he said.

Jon Gruden brings up Tom Brady anger in Raiders welcome