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Marvel's Black Widow Solo Movie Lands a Writer

12 Janvier 2018

We all know how much Marvel has been killing it in recent years with both their films and TV series, and they're continuing that run with the news that they're finally giving Black Widow a movie of her own.

After years of seeming like Marvel fans would never see Natasha Romanoff in a standalone movie, Variety has announced that a writer has been tapped to draft a script for a Black Widow movie. At a time when we're discussing the patriarchy and pay gap that exists in Hollywood nearly every other day, a character like Black Widow played by an actor such as Johansson being put on the back burner fees particularly egregious, in some ways.

According to sources, the Black Widow film has not yet been greenlit and is in very early development with no guarantee it will be made, Variety said.

Johannson is also going to be in 'Infinity War' which is out May 4.

Schaeffer's prior work includes the Black List script for a comedy called The Shower, which grabbed the attention of Anne Hathaway, who attached herself to star.

Further reports also indicate that the seeming decision to have Johansson star in a film about her character comes after the announcement of "Captain Marvel", who will be played by Brie Larson. This is after 10 years since the MCU first started back in 2008 with Iron Man.

It looks like our Black Widow-related dreams are finally coming true.

Assuming she remains on the project, she'll be the third female screenwriter on a Marvel film, joining Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel).

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now planned out through 2019, which will see the fourth Avengers film.

Hopefully, Black Widow will be heavy on the espionage and hard action and easy on the pure superheroics.

While some of those answers may have been provided in subsequent Marvel movies, there is still a great shroud of mystery about the character that begs to be explored.

Which is why it's such big news that the company seems to be moving closer to making the Black Widow movie a reality.

Marvel's Black Widow Solo Movie Lands a Writer