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NFL Roundup: Saints Oust Panthers, Jaguars Edge Bills To Advance

12 Janvier 2018

Just as Carolina's comeback gained momentum, it looked like the Panthers might lose their leader. Newton initially escaped the tackle, but that opened the door for defensive tackle David Onyemata to finish him off with force. Guys live in different parts of the country, they have their families, they have all this stuff going on, you may not talk to them for a while, and yet when you get back together it's as if no time has passed. Newton left the game for the next play and was taken to the medical tent for concussion protocol. He missed one offensive play and was cleared to return.

Ginn, a former Panthers receiver, celebrated the sweep of his former team by holding up a broom in the locker room.

Now, Jordan plans to send Newton his own brand of sauce after the Saints' 31-26 win over Carolina on Sunday.

After the game, Newton claimed that he suffered a minor eye injury as opposed to a concussion, which caused him to collapse on the field. "It was my eye", he said.

Another NFL playoff game, another crew of officials who apparently don't know the rules.

Throughout the regular season, in regard to the concussion protocol, the National Football League was making it up as it went along.

The Houston Texans were reviewed last month when QB Tom Savage re-entered a game against the San Francisco 49ers shortly after suffering a hit that appeared to leave him woozy and shaken.

The Panthers, who settled for three field goals in four attempts in the first half, drove to another field goal on the first possession of the third quarter.

Rivera did not believe Newton demonstrated any post-concussion symptoms Monday.

According to Nowinski, it does not matter whether Newton was told to drop to a knee. "He did not. So the protocol was breached whether he had a concussion or not".

The beef between Newton and Jordan started in Week 3 of this season, when the Saints beat the Panthers 34-13 at Bank of America Stadium.

"He said, 'do you want to go for it or punt?' I said, 'do you have a play you like?' and he said 'Yeah.' So, I said, 'let's go for it.' End of discussion". "Apparently, supposedly, allegedly there's guys somewhere in the sky boxes that are watching that".

Aside from that being about as believable as "the dog ate my homework" - "Didn't he look a little dazed?" It all seemingly began when Jordan chirped Newton for his fashion choices.

"That was the difference in the game", said Olsen, who had eight catches for 107 yards and a touchdown.

"If you're rushing five, six, seven yards per carry, it just comes easier". He was down. He's a hell of a competitor.

If the National Football League is honest about protecting the long-term health and safety of its players - or even just wants the appearance of it - it needs to dock the Panthers a draft pick. "I think Ryan Kalil is a hell of a player, and Matt Kalil?". We saw him rock back and forth. The defense won't have to deal with Cam Newton, but Case Keenum has been good this season, and Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs are one of the hardest duos to defend in the NFL. "And then of course he tried to like. muster himself up to get off to the sideline and broke down there".

NFL Roundup: Saints Oust Panthers, Jaguars Edge Bills To Advance