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Trade relations; Macron says China will order 184 Airbus planes

12 Janvier 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron appealed to Chinese leaders Monday to form a partnership on climate change and African development during a visit in which he also is expected to press Beijing for better market access.

As president, Macron has pushed for the European Union to screen foreign investments in its strategic sectors and, signalling French annoyance at China's reluctance to open some of its domestic markets, that issue has been a focal point of the three-day visit.

"France should open more, China should open more", he added. "We've never been that close to signing a commercial deal", the official said.

Macron also made his stance about the BRI clear during his interview with Chinese media.

The state visit concluded today.

On Wednesday, Macron said a contract with China for 184 Airbus A320s would be finalized soon, Reuters reported.

After Donald Trump announced last summer that he would pull the United States out of the Paris climate deal, French president Emmanuel Macron trolled him in a televised address in English, saying, "Make our planet great again". "Let's open up both instead". As well as aerospace, the agrifood sector is seen as key. Safran SA signed a $2.9-billion deal to provide engines to Spring Airlines, according to a statement from the French president's office.

"The French foreign minister's November visit to China seemed to ignore human rights, giving an impression of insincerity and inconsistency on rights issues", Jeannerod said.

During the state visit, the Chinese online retailer announced plans to sell French goods worth £1.8 billion to Chinese consumers over the next two years.

Given the fact that three French ex-presidents - Francois Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, and Nicolas Sarkozy - had all visited the Terracotta Army during their trips to China, it seems that Macron wanted to display his special knowledge about Chinese history.

The two reassured each other they would "deepen cooperation" on environment and climate change, and applauded each other's recent achievements: the Paris One Planet Summit hosted by France and soft launch of a national emissions trading scheme in China.

Ninety percent of China's beef imports come now from Brazil, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand.

Trade relations; Macron says China will order 184 Airbus planes