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Volunteers prop up understaffed hospital A&E department

12 Janvier 2018

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust hit 97.5 per cent capacity on December 27, with 577 of 592 beds full, while New Cross Hospital saw 90.8 per cent of its 732 beds filled on New Year's Eve.

And even when an ambulance gets a patient to a hospital, paramedics can wait hours to get the patient into the building. "There just aren't the funds for the beds", she said.

The number of flu cases in Scotland during the last week of December was double that during the same period previous year.

"These figures show once again the challenges they are tackling".

The Independent revealed how these delays, and "inappropriate 999 calls" over the break had forced one region to send nurses as first responders to patients.

After 16 hospital trusts said they were on the highest alert, doctors say the conditions in A&E are the worst they have seen and patients are being treated in corridors due to a bed shortage.

Officials have estimated that this could lead to up to 55,000 deferred operations.

The NHS Providers, a trade association, said in a statement that many hospitals are dealing with "unprecedented demand", because of an increase in "flu and respiratory illness, the impact of norovirus and - in some places - primary care, including Global Positioning System working at more than full stretch".

Earlier this week, figures revealed A&E attendances at Scottish hospitals were up by a fifth on a year ago.

Her comments followed an apology for the patients affected by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, following pressure from critics for him to speak out about the move.

Oxford GP Dr Dave Triffitt was due to have heart valve surgery yesterday and found out with less than 24 hours notice, and after having rearranged six weeks of appointments to recuperate, it was cancelled. I noticed that they were talking about the "flashing lights" and realised what they were referring to was the number of ambulances queueing.

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust says it is 'currently experiencing a high number of attendances to our emergency department and patients might have heard today in the national media that the NHS may need to cancel appointments in order to cope with this emergency pressure'.

If anyone still doubts our NHS is seriously unwell, the latest reports - of office staff drafted in to help keep patients safe, thousands of ambulances with only one crew member, patients waiting hours in A&E, and scores of cancelled operations - must surely convince them otherwise.

"Every day seems to bring yet more bad news about the state of the health service".

The two opposition parties laid the blame squarely at the door of the SNP Government.

Research shows that patient safety is compromised once the occupancy level of a hospital breaches 85 per cent.

It blamed winter pressures from flu, respiratory infections and norovirus.

"So we are working really hard to come up with solutions for that, but we are asking for your help as well, by choosing the right services".

"This is far less than the rate of inflation and clearly less than the service desperately needs".

Dozens of patients have also been unable to leave hospital when intended because there wasn't a suitable community care package ready in time.

Volunteers prop up understaffed hospital A&E department