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Wisconsin agencies aim to address human trafficking

12 Janvier 2018

Her virginity was being ripped from her. "And I believe it could be this generation that says, 'Enough'". "I wanted him to help, and he wasn't there". Millington later found out he had put her up for sale.

"I looked at that picture and I determined if I didn't get involved, who would get involved", he said. "They like to be called managers", said Rene Davis the Community Outreach Educator at the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence. "Or is it going to be useful to them in the long run to move on from it?" The most common (68%) were the offenders threatening to post sexual content online, about the victim, for family and friends to see if the child did not comply.

Some signs of human trafficking may be visible to people outside specific occupations such as law enforcement, health care, or trucking, Coles said.

In the afternoon, Beshear and his wife, Britainy, visited the Kristy Love Foundation and Women of the Well's House of Esther to deliver in-kind items donated by staff from the Office of the Attorney General to benefit victims of human trafficking. These victims do not often disclose their trafficking situation in a clinical setting. "Faith based organizations, community based organizations, parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals are all part of the solutions!"

"Are they pulling away?" Or once they return home, they have a drastic change in behavior.

She poses questions that any adult that interacts with a child or teenager should ask themselves.

Because human trafficking occurs behind closed doors, she says better awareness and understanding are important. However, he said his agency has plans going forward to combat the issue.

Once a trafficker gains a child's trust, they use it to manipulate them and get what they want. "They evolve just like our children evolve with technology", said Lt. Talamantez. The goal is to highlight how exploiters befriend their victims on social media.

Other nonprofits seek to stem the flow of human trafficking around the world and are hard at work doing so.

Eloise Anderson, secretary for DCF, said human trafficking is a widespread issue, not specific to urban areas. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

"Our administration remains strongly committed to ensuring that victims of crime have the right to information, the right to be present, the right to provide input, the right to receive restitution, and - most importantly - the expectation of being treated with the dignity and the respect that they deserve", said Hogan.

Report any nonemergency suspicious activity to the Kentucky Child Protection hotline, 877-597-2331; the Office of the Attorney General, 502-696-5300; or the National Human Trafficking hotline, 888-373-7888.

Wisconsin agencies aim to address human trafficking