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Apple's battery replacement program could mean millions of fewer iPhones sold

13 Janvier 2018

The fearless stock cowboys willing to go for broke shorting Apple are always going to feed the negativity machine, but Apple has built a strong platform, that has recurring charges to pay the rent ... at least for a while yet.

Before wrapping things up, you should know that your iPhone may not have been slowed down despite a bad battery under the hood if it's running an older version of iOS.

However the handset suddenly sped up again after the battery was replaced. The reason behind the performance throttling does make sense: As older batteries degrade over time, they can't get along with the high demands of the iPhone's processor.

It was true all along: Apple really throttles iPhones. Apple explained that it all had to do with the way phone batteries age. In other words, Apple was trying to protect its users. By Christmas, the situation was spiraling into a PR catastrophe. You can now get a discount on an out-of-warranty battery replacement from Apple immediately, rather than having to wait for the lower price to roll out next year.

Barclays analysts believe that millions of Apple customers could opt for a battery replacement over a new iPhone. The company had revenue of $52.58 billion for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $50.71 billion.

Usually, Apple recommends you get a replacement when your iPhone's battery can retain only 80% of its original capacity. But analysts expect this money to be relatively small potatoes, and not a big concern for AAPL stock.

Samsung's OLED panels in the standard Pixel and iPhone X "have not had such problems to the same extent", the website adds. To date, 15 class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple alleging misrepresentation, breach of good faith, and deceptive business practices.

Apple's total iPhone revenue for fiscal 2017 was $141.3 billion. However, it criticised Wall Street for being "too optimistic about the iPhone X super cycle".

Apple said last week that it would begin to replace aging batteries in late January, but subsequently said that it's able to do so immediately. The stock was up as much as 1.3 per cent earlier in the day.

And then there's the competition. Apple naturally says that the throttling of the devices was in the name of what's best for consumers, but some aren't buying that response. With three lively iPhone products on the market (the iPhone 7, 8, and X) and a popular iPod model, the company is poised to meet that goal.

As of this writing, Brad Moon did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

Apple's battery replacement program could mean millions of fewer iPhones sold