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Does YouTube enable controversial stars like Logan Paul?

13 Janvier 2018

It's also placed Logan's upcoming original content on hold, Deadline reports.

YouTube is dropping Paul, one of its biggest stars from its Google Preferred platform, which aggregates top content for advertisers.

The general public along with celebrities and politicians further demanded that YouTube take a different course of action when dealing with Logan Paul, which resulted in yet another statement. They also scrapped the production of a YouTube original movie that he was set to appear in, along with his being removed from season 4 of the YouTube Red series "Foursome".

Part of Logan Paul's video schtick includes global travel, where he goes to other places and interacts with locals in various brash, if not offensive, ways.

If you followed the saga of PewDiePie past year, this punishment might sound familiar: it's pretty similar to how YouTube handled the fallout from a Wall Street Journal report that highlighted the YouTube superstar's Nazi jokes. However, it seems that the response of the platform's users has been very different in the two cases.

"We expect more of the creators who build their community on @YouTube, as we're sure you do too".

What do you think of the punishment and Logan Paul? Rather than stop filming and retreat, Paul and his band of morons filmed the body, made fun of the deceased man, and then uploaded it all to YouTube.

They concluded by adding that the video violated their community guidelines, and would have been taken down even if Paul hadn't done so himself. Or do you think YouTube is more liable for the video going live than Logan is for producing it? That statement was tweeted from YouTube's main account, and was addressed directly to their community.

But according to estimates by Forbes, the measures won't affect much of Paul's $12.5 million revenue, of which $3.25 million came from YouTube advertisements. Before last year's Upfronts, YouTube's better-than-TV pitch was already marred by rare but jarring combinations of wholesome brand marketing and offensive videos. He has however not been completely kicked off the platform, meaning he will still earn money from views. It was watched six million times before Paul deleted the content.

Paul is no stranger to controversy.

Does YouTube enable controversial stars like Logan Paul?