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Donald Trump Reiterates Support For 'Merit Based' Immigration

13 Janvier 2018

The Senate's top Democrat said that despite the ruling, lawmakers and the White House must drive toward a bipartisan deal that would permanently shield them from deportation.

"Honestly", Perdue told reporters, "we're not that far away". We are at a deal.

We hope he meant it.

Lawmakers are under a March 5 deadline - imposed by Trump - to come up with a legal fix to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The program grants protections, such as the ability to work and live in the country, to nearly 800,000 immigrants brought to the children.

Coulter predicted that Trump's recent flip-flopping on his policies would likely alienate his right-wing supporters who fueled his political surge into presidency.

Earlier in the afternoon, Flake said they didn't want to release the details of the deal "until we talk to more of our colleagues". That's probably going to be hard. Many conservatives would balk at providing "amnesty" to parents who brought their families across the border illegally. After that, priorities change. We need the wall for safety.

Republicans like Pennsylvania Congressman Lou Barletta on the other. We need to pass a clean DREAM Act.

"It makes me feel good but I'm sure like other recipients confused".

The Republican-run House needs only a majority. "Republicans should finally take control!"

The supporters of the bill, who include Bob Goodlatte and Puerto Rico's Raul Labrador, unveiled it at a press conference on Wednesday. They want to reduce legal immigration, require employers to verify workers' citizenship and block federal grants to so-called sanctuary cities that hinder federal anti-immigrant efforts.

The legislation was introduced just minutes after Trump said that any legislation that protects such undocumented immigrants would need to fund a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border - one of the primary pledges of his 2016 presidential campaign. "We have to have the wall for security purposes". She resents the current political dynamic. "One day you're protected, and the next day you're not protected", says Gomez. The President had a meeting here today with a number of members, both from the House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats, as a follow-up discussion on immigration.

ABRAR: And we have to ultimately deal with whatever they're throwing at us and be careful to respond to whatever it is.

But Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., who was not there and like Cuellar is a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said he favored a narrow bill protecting Dreamers with perhaps something negotiable on border security.

Democrats are demanding protection for undocumented immigrants brought to the USA as children, known as "dreamers", as part of a spending bill to keep the federal government open after current funding ends 19 January. It's what I'm forced to accept because of the realities.

But delays in forging an agreement have led Democrats to use leverage over a separate issue - the budget - to seek to drive the immigration legislation into law.

Donald Trump Reiterates Support For 'Merit Based' Immigration