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Eight More Flu-Related Deaths Reported in Iowa

13 Janvier 2018

Seventy percent of those confirmed cases were diagnosed in November and December.

"The levels of illness we are seeing are still well within the normal range for what we see in a typical flu season", said Dr. Robert Strang, chief medical officer of health for Nova Scotia. New Hampshire is now one of only four states in the country - along with Maine, Hawaii and New Jersey - where the spread influenza is categorized as "regional".

Folk said there are two possible reasons for the spike.

"That's about a month earlier than it normally would be peaking", he said, "so lots of cases [are] happening, in lots of states, all at the same time".

According to Mosaic, the second issue is that the flu vaccine is perceived to not be as effective this year as it normally would be. Texas is second only to Arkansas in the percentage of doctor visits linked to the flu.

While data fluctuate on how many Americans die annually from the flu, during the 2012 to 2013 flu season an estimated 56,000 people died, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Still, medical professionals say that the best defense is the vaccine itself.

Conditions that impair the immune system, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS, detract from the effectiveness of the flu vaccine.

The prevalent strain circulating the state is classified as influenza A (H3N2), and is associated with more severe cases requiring hospitalization and death among seniors and young children than other strains.

Jernigan and CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald attribute the high flu activity to the prevalence of the H3N2 flu, this year's most common form of flu.

Even though the strain is harder to cover, physicians are still recommending that you get it.

"It can reduce the severity of symptoms". Kosak said you'd be surprised how long the virus can survive in the environment.

It appears the worst of the flu season may be over in Saskatchewan. TDH recommends that people who are not severely ill call their health care provider first to talk about whether they need to be seen, and if so, where would be most appropriate place to go.

"We're definitely seeing a lot more cases of flu and definitely more than a year ago", said Lyndy Stone, marketing director for Shannon Medical Center.

"H3 is more likely to lead to hospitalization or even death", Berg said. "In worst case scenarios, it can put you in the hospital".

30, the California Department of Public Health reported elevated flu activity in all of the state's 58 counties.

Eight More Flu-Related Deaths Reported in Iowa