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Lenovo's new Smart Display rocks Google Assistant

13 Janvier 2018

Lenovo is the first company to introduce its Google Assistant-equipped smart speaker at CES.

JBL's Smart Display goes by the name of the Link View, and while it serves the same general goal as the Lenovo Smart Display, its design is quite a bit different.

Lenovo's first Smart Displays have Google Assistant inside and are launching this summer. The 8-inch model costs $199 and the 10-inch model costs $249. Both the variants will go on sale this summer.

Smart headphones. Jaybird, JBL, LG, and Sony are all bringing Google Assistant to smart headphones. Early photos of smart displays from partners like Lenovo show sleek rectangular devices meant to stand up on a counter like a picture frame. Google revoked YouTube access for Amazon's Echo Show previous year, and the following issues between the two companies led to Google removing YouTube from Amazon's Fire TV devices as well. "Our Home Hub platforms using Android Things are able to integrate the necessary technologies, with support for voice interfaces, connectivity to several ecosystems, and cloud integration to enable a wide range of IoT devices". It's going to start calling the commands you bark at Google Assistant "actions". The 624, specifically, is what's powering these smart displays thanks to its support of video cameras and touch displays. Speaking of the speaker, it actually works pretty well. Now Lenovo and Google did say that the speaker isn't completely tuned right now, so it'll get better before release.

For starters, these Smart Displays have more appealing designs than the boring boxy $229 Echo Show, which has a smaller 7-inch display. "They could use that data to market to you, charge you different prices, or sell it to another company". You can also watch YouTube on this video. But there are a couple great features built-into the hardware here. To help ease privacy worries, there is an analog switch to disable the built-in camera. And while it's not in use, the display can show you photos from Google Photos, just like your Chromecast. It remains unclear, though, in which country or countries the integration will occur, with the United States being the most likely territory to top the list.

A lot of news came out yesterday around the Google Assistant from Google at CES, here is Google's official announcement.

Lenovo's new Smart Display rocks Google Assistant