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LG Demos 88inch 8K OLED Display

13 Janvier 2018

Yep, it's already looking a bit out of date, and you've got LG to blame. With twice the resolution along with 9-inches of display more in the offing, that the price of the new 8K OLED TV will be significantly on the north of the above price ball park is quite natural.

LG is shoving the displays of its TV to ever-greater resolutions, sizes, and also most probably prices for the forthcoming CES 2018. Now 4K television sets might have just started gaining popularity, especially in markets like India, but LG it seems is ready to take it to the next level.

Apparently LG will be the one supplying Apple for the 6.5-inch model, while Samsung is expected to continue supplying Apple for the smaller displays. OLED emits light by itself, so it doesn't lower luminance when the aperture ratio is lower, and is, therefore, best for 8K resolution, the company said. This 88-inch LG panel is a sort-of cousin to the XEL-1, in much the same way that a Chihuahua is technically related to a Great Dane.

An OLED panel supply deal between Apple and LG Display is now at its final stage, with the latter expected to start shipping the component for the next iPhone in the second half of this year if an agreement is made, The Investor reported, citing industry sources.

LG to Show Off New 8K OLED TV at CES 2018
LG to unveil 88-inch 8K OLED display

Once unveiled, this will largest and highest-resolution OLED TV in the market, Engadget reports.

LG's new 32-inch UHD 4K monitor (model 32UK950) is the first to offer its advanced Nano IPS technology. Meanwhile, rival Samsung has moved on to QLED TVs.

With over 33 million pixels, the 8K TV will have four times the pixel density of 4K and 16 times more pixels than 1080p. OLED display panels are renowned for their vivid colours and deep blacks as pixels are individually lit and can be turned completely off for black. "OLED TVs are well-known for their superior picture quality with ideal black, more life-like colors, and wider viewing angles", LG added.

LG Demos 88inch 8K OLED Display