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NYPD unveils unprecedented security for New Year's Eve

13 Janvier 2018

With new hopes, resolutions, motivation and positivity we welcome a new year.

The police department is closing to traffic more than 20 blocks around Times Square - from West 37 Street through West 59 Street, and from 6 Avenue to 8 Avenue.

All parking garages in the area will also be shut down. That is why security will be unprecedented Sunday night.

James Waters, the Chief of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau has explained what you can expect when you go to Times Square. "We understand why we are a target".

The New Year's Eve ball rests at the top of a building overlooking Times Square, in New York, Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016.

But according to The New Yorker, the ball-drop was a back-up plan.

"This year is on track to be the safest on record thanks in large part to the men and women of the NYPD", said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

One of the first countries to celebrate was Australia, where fireworks exploded over the famed Sydney Opera House to usher in the New Year.

Some of the tips offered for the crowd of revelers expected in Times Square for what could be one of the coldest New Year's Eve ball drops on record include dressing in layers, laying off the booze and taking hand warmers.

Officers involved in the New Year's Eve security operation will receive a tactical bulletin and a training video on suicide bombers that they will be able to review on their department-issued phones starting Friday.

It's finally time: New Year's Eve is here again and the city is buzzing with excitement.

"The takeaway from our preparations is this: People will be safe, and they should feel safe, too", O'Neill said.

New Year's Eve ranks as the sixth most favorite holiday among Americans.

They began the annual countdown one minute before midnight.

Spectators will have 12 access points-each with vapor wake dogs, bag checks, and heavy weapons units. Backpacks, large bags, umbrellas and alcoholic beverages will be prohibited, and property can not be abandoned at checkpoints.

Attendees who leave before the ball drops will not be able to regain entry to their original viewing area.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's office said state agencies, including state police, the National Guard, the Metropolitan Transportation Agency and the Port Authority will bolster security at bridges, tunnels, airports, transit hubs and other high-profile locations.

NYPD unveils unprecedented security for New Year's Eve