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Operations at Hinchingbrooke Hospital postponed due to pressure on NHS

13 Janvier 2018

Local MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart have said they are "committed to making sure our hospital has the resources it needs" following the declaration by Milton Keynes Hospital that they are under "extreme pressure".

HOSPITALS in England are being told to delay pre-planned operations and routine outpatient appointments until 31 January due to winter pressures reports the BBC.

A spokesperson for the East and North Herts NHS Trust told BOB fm: "The Trust very much appreciates everyone's patience and understanding in helping our staff to provide good quality care for patients, especially those arriving as emergencies".

The British Medical Association have criticised the move as a short-term fix which does not ensure that the NHS will keep up with rising demand in the long term.

Elective or non-urgent procedures were due to resume at the three hospitals on Wednesday but have now been postponed for the rest of the week due to the increased pressure on services.

The Prime Minister, answering questions after visiting homeowners who had benefited from stamp duty reforms in Wokingham, paid tribute to NHS staff and pledged operations would be rescheduled "as soon as possible".

The Trust says that staff responded to calls for extra hands over the Christmas and New Year period, with many putting festivities on hold to help treat patients and take the pressure off colleagues.

Ms May said the NHS was "better prepared for winter than ever".

There have been times in the last week when it has been more busy that I have ever seen it before with people queuing in the corridors and waiting to be assessed, so it has been an exceptionally busy winter period. We have also asked colleagues from the national Emergency Care Improvement Programme to support a renewed focus upon our discharge process.

Dr Arvind Madan, director of primary care, is also on £205,000, while NHS England's chief executive Simon Stevens earns £195,000 a year.

"If this is the case, it is a stain on Theresa May's Government".

"The numbers of people needing to be admitted has grown and the shortages in the community too often mean it is impossible to secure appropriate care for patients even when they are better. Ministers must get an urgent grip of this escalating crisis".

John Kell, head of policy at the Patients' Association, said: "NHS England's decision to defer elective surgery throughout January and authorise the use of mixed sex wards is a sign of how hard winter pressures are hitting the NHS this year".

Operations at Hinchingbrooke Hospital postponed due to pressure on NHS