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'Play our best:' Brady brushes off controversy, focuses on Titans

13 Janvier 2018

The Titans are a team that have been a odd team. He is also a member of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.

Past controversies, from 2007's Spygate to 2015's Deflategate have invariably brought out the best in Brady and the Patriots, who are rarely more risky when they perceive an injustice. Despite all of the distractions around the team the past week, Bill Belichick will have them ready to play.

The Patriots run defense has struggled for most of the season. Henry's ascension to workhorse back has been, but now that he's here, some around him believe we're about to see his limitless ceiling.

The legendary quarterback ended the regular-season with 32 touchdowns, only eight interceptions and led the league with 4,577 yards. Patriots - QB Tom Brady is all-time postseason leader in career passes (1,325), completions (831), yards passing (9,094) and TD passes. For New England it's just a matter of making this game a battle between two quarterbacks.

Tennessee hasn't been to a conference championship game since the 2002 season, but has been invigorated coming off its first playoff win in 14 years. "This is what you work for, is to get to this position", Belichick concluded. Of course, he's never played a playoff game before.

This week marks the third all-time postseason meeting between the organizations and the first since a 2003 AFC Divisional Playoff game at Gillette Stadium.

Football is a game of territory. He continues to do his thing this season, and today Tom Brady is back with something new.

Brian Orakpo has been a solid addition at linebacker for the Titans since he arrived in 2015.

Kraft wanted to go with Brady, and with Garoppolo rejecting contract extension offers from the Patriots, he reportedly demanded Belichick trade him. Like it or not, this inconsistent Patriots team has stats that are hollow and deceiving. White isn't much of a threat running the ball, but there aren't many better receiving backs in the NFL. You've got to make the tackles, you've got to make the throws, the catches, the blocks, the runs, whatever it takes.

Asked if expected to return to coach New England next season, the famously taciturn Belichick responded with one word - "Absolutely" - insisting he remained exclusively focused on the Titans. With Burkhead paired alongside Dion Lewis, this could be the best Patriot rushing attack since Corey Dillon's great 2004 season.

The Patriots hit back hard after the article was published, issuing a joint statement from Belichick, Brady and Kraft refuting numerous conclusions reached - among them that Kraft ordered Belichick to trade backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to appease Brady, that Belichick was unhappy about coaching in New England and that Brady's personal trainer had created a divide in the locker room. On the positive side, there is something to be said about the momentum that the Titans have after the surprise win and the fact that no one is picking them.

The Jaguars offense will need to step up big time for this match up.

The Tennessee Titans are now the NFL's Cinderella team after clawing their way to an upset over the Kansas City Chiefs in last week's wild card matchup.

Although an injury to Murray officially put him here, this was a job Henry earned. Subsequently, the Titans needed a Wild Card berth to make this year's playoff cut. Tom Brady passed for 267 yards and two touchdowns in the New England victory.

No, the Titans won't beat New England. Tennessee's defense doesn't get the attention it deserves seeing as though this unit is holding team under 90 rushing yards per game. It will be a closer game then most expect, especially if Marcus Mariota manages to keep his composure in the pocket. Reliable for this Tennessee offense. Every team is good at this time of year.

Henry finished second in the National Football League during the regular season in fourth-quarter rushing yards with 390. But Bortles is the issue as he can't make enough plays on a cold day in Pittsburgh. It's all about containment for Matt Patricia's defense. It's happened while I'm on the team here before and you've just got to keep working hard.

The red zone needs to continue being a strength for this defensive unit.

'Play our best:' Brady brushes off controversy, focuses on Titans