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Rick Carlisle fires back against LaVar Ball's comments

13 Janvier 2018

Golden State Warriors' coach Steve Kerr slammed LaVar Ball and the way ESPN covers news Monday in response to criticism of his friend, Lakers coach Luke Walton. But in another way, it's more so with LaVar, because he seemingly takes such an active role in Lonzo Ball's career. And in this case, I believe in Lonzo's eyes Luke Walton declared war on him early on and burned that bridge to the ground. President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday, Nov. 19, that he should have left three UCLA basketball players, including LiAngelo Ball, accused of shoplifting in China in jail after LaVar Ball minimized Trump's involvement in winning the players' release during an interview Saturday, Nov. 18, with ESPN.

But, for once, the Lakers could finally smile and laugh after two and a half weeks of losing.

"This is the world we live in now". Off of that, he earned the Laker job. "We can't control what's on the outside or who is talking on the outside".

However, with the Lakers struggling with Clarkson as a starter, Luke Walton made a decision to shake things up. He likes the Lakers forward's physical presence and versatility on both sides of the floor. "She knows when to be supportive and she has been really great to work with". And when Ball says something of outcome -like he did when told ESPN's Jeff Goodman that Lakers' coach Luke Walton has lost his team- it evolves into a firestorm. They don't want to play for him", and "He's too young.

"He creates our pace for us", Lakers coach Luke Walton said. He's a grown man. And there's clearly an audience out there for this, whether Carlisle and I like it or not. "I can't [do] nothing about it".

How can the Lakers do that, only to then not say anything publicly to support their coach when Ball chooses to attack him again? For those of you who do not know (I'm gonna guess that's a very small number), LaVar is the loudmouth father of Lonzo, who tries to put himself in the spotlight more than his son.

Rick Carlisle fires back against LaVar Ball's comments
Rick Carlisle fires back against LaVar Ball's comments

Anyway, after displaying some productivity and outplaying South Bay Lakers point guard Alex Caruso, Ennis keeps receiving minutes behind Lonzo Ball, hoping he provides some needed spark off the bench that can help the Lakers recover from the unmerciful month of December. They don't want to play for him.

The Lakers led by as much as 26, their biggest lead of the season, and trounced the Hawks (10-29).

The Lakers will have a chance at their second straight win on Tuesday when they face the Kings at home at the Staples Center.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with you guys criticizing coaches", Van Gundy said. I was thinking about ESPN.

"We're trying to play a certain way and have a certain standard", Walton said. I'm going the Lonzo I watched a year ago at UCLA and the Lonzo I watched this summer in the Summer League. "That obviously is not always going to be 100 percent true but that is the messaging all year long".

Rick Carlisle fires back against LaVar Ball's comments