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Sessions Jeopardizes Safe Haven for Cannabis Industry

13 Janvier 2018

But every group said they opposed the push to enforce federal marijuana laws in states where it is legal, with 70% opposing such a move.

Meanwhile, there remain no known marijuana overdose deaths, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, and studies have found states that have legalized marijuana have seen a decrease in opioid-related deaths.

A poll of NY voters released in late 2017 showed that 62% of New Yorkers support making marijuana use legal in NY for adults over 21, and more than 60% support taxing and regulating marijuana as a way to address the state's looming budget deficit.

Marijuana legalization is typically most popular with the libertarian-leaning wing of the Republican Party. The move also threatens to cut off access to vital banking and insurance options, as these traditionally risk-averse institutions may no longer view the business as worth the risks. We have people here in East Tennessee who are now using this plant illegally.

As the Obama Justice Department and affiliated agencies were conducting hundreds of raids on marijuana dispenseries around the nation that were otherwise in compliance with state laws, Congress began passing amendments to annual spending bills that prohibited any money from being spent on such prosecutions. You know it's a bad sign when three times as many people dislike you than like you.

Marijuana is legal for adult recreational use in eight states. "Other states have demonstrated the benefits of replacing prohibition with regulation".

Washington's laws are much different when it comes to cannabis purchasing and possession limits.

A cultivation tax of $9.25 per ounce for flowers and $2.75 per ounce for leaves.

As the Drug Policy Alliance has shown, the criminalization regime and enforcement of keeping marijuana and others drugs illegal costs the US government more than $50 billion annually-that includes the outrageous costs of imprisoning tens of thousands of people for nonviolent drug offenses. "Addiction is going to be identified as a result of recreational marijuana use, that is a real issue". That's over 3,500 deaths, almost 1,000 more deaths than in 2015.

"These forecasts underscore the important role that cannabis taxes will play in driving new revenue for the government, generating funds to cover the costs of administering the cannabis programs, and supplementing states' general tax funds", the report said.

For example, $3 million annually for five years will go to the Department of the California Highway Patrol for developing protocols to determine whether a motorist is impaired due to marijuana consumption.

The main effect of Sessions' action is to cause uncertainty, which will disrupt the newly burgeoning legal pot markets in states like Colorado and California.

To that, U.S. Rep. Tom Garrett of Virginia said, "Challenge accepted".

Brian Vicente, a Denver attorney who co-wrote Colorado's 2012 constitutional amendment legalizing recreation marijuana, said the industry will closely examine the background of any new us attorney nominees. Many people thought that buying a joint would be as simple as picking up a pack of cigarettes, but some cities have rejected retails sales all together while others are taking a low-key approach to retail sales. It's endless and, frankly, it's frustrating. you have to look where you get the biggest bang for the buck. It is quite different from the expectation of many that shops are not opening up left and right.

When pressed in the past, Congress has acted to protect state laws on marijuana. Despite what is stopping most shops, the ones that did open have been slammed with business.

Sessions Jeopardizes Safe Haven for Cannabis Industry