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Steve Bannon has stepped down from Breitbart News

13 Janvier 2018

The letter says Trump's lawyers provided a "basic summary" of NY libel law, but did not identify any particular statements it believed were false or defamatory.

"It would be irresponsible not to", Wolff said Monday on CNN's "Tonight with Don Lemon".

McNamara writes that former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, whose explosive quotes helped make the book a best-seller, spoke "freely and voluntarily" to author Michael Wolff.

A Canadian professor's book called Fire and Fury has rocketed to the top of bestseller lists thanks to a similarly titled tome.

The book, which is highly critical of Mr Trump's first year as US President, sold out in stores across the US after excerpts of it sparked a media frenzy, prompting its publisher Henry Holt & Company to move up its release date by four days.

However, she did not dispute that Wolff had been "seen often" with former adviser Steve Bannon in his White House office.

The president earlier decried the work as "full of lies", while the White House issued a scorched-earth dismissal of both the author and his sources. Holt responded by moving up the release date from January 9 to last Friday.

When he returned to Breitbart from the White House, Bannon pledged to use the outlet as a tool against so-called establishment Republican figures and enemies of Trump's agenda.

"The head of Breitbart news had an extremely public break with the White House last week, when he reportedly called meetings between Trump Jnr, Manafort and Russian officials 'treasonous and unpatriotic". "To reiterate, those comments were not aimed at Don Jr".

Far from being detached and unable to deal with complex policy issues, Pompeo said, "The president is engaged, he understands the complexity, he asks really hard questions of our team at the Central Intelligence Agency".

Tur tried to pin Wolff down on the book's inaccuracies but was unsuccessful.

Amid other things, the book revealed that the USA president prefers to eat McDonalds and has prohibited the White House staff from touching his stuff out of his fear of being poisoned.

Trump's response to the allegations in Wolff's bombshell book has Washington focusing anew on the question of the USA leader' stability and mental state.

The Mercers were blunt on Thursday in cutting the cord, reiterating support for Mr. Trump while disavowing Mr. Bannon's remarks and disowning his political endeavors. And when he heard about Wolff's book title, he thought it was in reference to those Trump's statements.

Steve Bannon has stepped down from Breitbart News