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Tonya Harding's Publicist Quits Over Alleged Demand to Fine Reporters $25000

13 Janvier 2018

There's this movie about an impoverished girl who gets beaten and otherwise abused by her mother, then beaten and otherwise abused by her husband. The film follows Harding's fall from grace after the famous attack on fellow figure skater Nancy Kerrigan caused the former's ban from US figure skating.

The Olympic figure skater is speaking out about the blockbuster film.

Tonya Harding of Portland, Ore., waves to the crowd after being presented awards for winning her second national championship during ceremonies in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, Mich., Jan. 8, 1994.more +.

"I'm afraid I don't share Ms Harding's view that she is the victim in this story", Morgan later tweeted.

"No", she told ABC News when asked if she participated in the planning process.

Tonya Harding is having a moment right now.

If dredging up that tawdry subject all these years later seems tabloid-worthy and little else, you should know that the movie is a meditation on the elusiveness of truth.

But it wasn't Harding who attacked the Olympic hopeful.

So I thought I knew what to expect with "I, Tonya" and the first half of the film pretty much sticks to the hardscrabble-childhood-abusive-mother-and-husband story.

"I, Tonya" treats Kerrigan as comic relief; the movie crowd burst out laughing for Kerrigan's brief appearances on screen but my stomach was turning.

"I, Tonya", the Tonya Harding biopic, has garnered both acclaim for its performances - Allison Janney won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress in a film - and criticism over its comedic portrayal of domestic violence.

It's an unfair, distasteful social habit that you would think the compassionate progressives in Hollywood would avoid.

Golden also denied claims that Harding made about growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in a trailer.

Morgan chimed in, "Nancy Kerrigan was the victim, she was abused she was attacked".

Or, Baker speculated, it could be the fact that since Salt Lake City is a one-time host city for the Winter Olympics (eight years after Harding and Kerrigan's face-off), we have a thing for figure skating. Harding also skated at the Olympics, finishing eighth.

Harding said that she has no relationship with her mother now nor does her 7-year-old son. The FBI found the note, in Harding's handwriting, in the trash. She sat at a table with the film's actors and producer.

Another ice-skating icon unimpressed with the movie is former Olympian Johnny Weir, who took to Twitter this week to express his disgust at what he perceived as glorification of Harding and a mockery of Kerrigan's suffering.

But it wasn't long before Piers began asking about the well publicised assault, arranged by her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, which appeared to rattle Tonya somewhat. Jack Smith, AP American skaters (L to R) Tonya Harding, silver; Kristi Yamaguchi, gold; and Nancy Kerrigan, bronze, display their medals after the finals of the World Figure Skating Championships in Munich, Saturday, March 12, 1991.

Tonya Harding's Publicist Quits Over Alleged Demand to Fine Reporters $25000