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Trump targets FISA provision up for renewal

13 Janvier 2018

But, apparently quoting a Fox News headline, Trump tweeted that the "House votes on controversial FISA ACT today" and expressed concern that it was used under Barack Obama's presidency to spy on him, a charge strongly denied by the former administration.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is a roughly 40-year-old federal law limiting how US spy agencies can monitor Americans' communications, first passed in the wake of 1970s Congressional investigations into privacy violations by the three-letter spy agencies.

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill to extend a controversial section of a surveillance law that allows U.S. intelligence agencies to gather information about non-Americans located outside the country. "We need it! Get smart!"

The dossier examines ties between Russian Federation and Trump and his aides.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, in his weekly news conference, dismissed the notion that Trump didn't know the White House position. The Senate will now consider it. Section 702 is of particular importance as it gives our national security community and warfighters irreplaceable intelligence in waging the war on terror.

A White House official said staffers had consulted with Trump after his initial tweets opposing the administration's stance. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the bill, "fails to meaningfully restrict the use of Section 702 to spy on Americans without a warrant".

The law gives USA intelligence agencies the power to spy on the electronic communications and phone calls of foreigners residing outside the United States to try to gather information about any terrorist plots or activities.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, on the House floor, at one point urged lawmakers earlier on Thursday to send the bill back to committee and make more changes. Instead, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and Congress provide annual certifications.

The bill will now move to the Senate, which will likely pass it before it expires next Friday.

"We call on Congress to protect Americans" 4th Amendment rights", said Computer & Communications Industry Association President Ed Black.

In his tweets, Trump also noted that he has asked intelligence officials to "fix to the unmasking process", the rules by which officials reveal the names of people who have been under surveillance.

"My worry is that they also collect information on millions of Americans, and I don't want that database to be searched without a warrant", the Kentucky Republican said. White House cybersecurity coordinator Rob Joyce said there have "been no cases of 702 used improperly for political purposes". Because of the intelligence collected under this program, a foreign terrorist on foreign soil, the number two man at ISIS, who was in line to become the next leader. Several ranking Democrats openly supported increasing the powers of a surveillance state, even under a president they loathe.

Trump targets FISA provision up for renewal