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United Kingdom grocery mulls over government war on plastic waste

13 Janvier 2018

Theresa May has set out plans to get rid of avoidable plastic waste within 25 years - as she also confirmed the 5p bag charge will be extended to all shops. "Working with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we will bring together every "body, business and organisation" involved in the life-cycle of plastics to make the move from a throw away culture to one where resources are used over and over again". "We must reduce the demand for plastic, reduce the number of plastics in circulation and improve our recycling rates", May will add.

"However, as recently calculated by us, 350,000 tonnes of material that was once exported to China will struggle to find a home in 2018".

May claimed that the United Kingdom will demonstrate "global leadership" in terms of mitigating against the plastic scourge that has resulted in the world's oceans being more plastic than plankton.

The plan sets out how the Government will strengthen domestic carbon offset mechanisms to encourage private sector investment and develop markets for carbon reduction.

"We provide the raw materials for a domestic food industry that employs 3.8m people and which, as the UK's largest manufacturing sector, generates £112bn in value for the United Kingdom economy".

Farmers' role in protecting the environment "only remains feasible... as long as farmers run sustainable and viable businesses", he said, adding that it is vital that a "holistic approach" is taken.

She said: "We will incorporate all existing European Union environmental regulations into domestic legalisation when we leave". However, is keen to seek clarification on the thinking behind the "comprehensive and frequent waste and recycling collections" that the Government states it is committed to.

United Kingdom retailers Co-op and Iceland have already come out in support of a bottle deposit-return scheme, which has been proposed by Greenpeace.

Green campaigners said Mrs May's plans could simply be shelved if they become inconvenient and the promise to stop "avoidable" plastic waste is too vague. "We would expect that future trade policies need to have the environment at their heart. And that includes government".

"All shops, including small corner shops, have always been covered by the 5p carrier bag charge in Wales and Scotland, unlike England". Shops with fewer than 250 employees are now exempt from the charge that was introduced to large stores in England in 2015.

Meanwhile a five pence (seven USA cents, six euro cents) charge on plastic carrier bags will be extended to all retailers in England.

May is also expected to announce new funding into plastics innovation by inviting bids into the Government's £7billion research and development pot.

The environmental plan is due to be reviewed every five years, a spokesman for the prime minister said.

She called on the Government to introduce a range of policy measures such as a deposit-return scheme to reduce this "stubborn widespread litter load" before it reaches our marine environment.

United Kingdom grocery mulls over government war on plastic waste