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Voice assistant integration is the top smart-home trend at CES

13 Janvier 2018

When, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) launched its first smart speaker, the Echo, back in late 2014, its smart voice assistant platform was confined exclusively to its own devices.

The benefit of this is simpler integration, with one device that not only serves as the connection nexus for all Z-Wave wireless communication, but that can also offer full voice control and provide all of Google's assistant services. The company's sending a clear sign to Amazon that there are still contenders in the digital assistance space. All these giants will launch their own smart displays in the coming months, later this year.

LG's tech uses assistants both from Google and Amazon, and Panasonic is similarly hedging its bets, plugging into both infrastructures, depending on device and geography. In the smart home of the future, you'll be able to interact with your appliances and devices using only your voice. The notch on the top is most likely a shutter for the camera or a mute button for the microphone, we don't know yet, but we'll keep you updated. The smart display will play music, display calendar, weather and Google Maps, among other things.

The Echo Show was Amazon's first smart hub with a built-in screen and if the number of similar products at CES 2018 is anything to go by, the technology has proved to be a hit. In the future, it's plausible people could use Alexa for searches instead. It just looks like a generic rectangular speaker with an awkwardly inserted 8-inch display in the middle. JBL comes in second, with their Link View Smart Display.

It makes sense for Google to get on board with numerous hardware partners. Furthermore, it is packed with all the Google Things, means popular and useful Google Services like Google Duo, Google Drive, Google Photos etc.

Starting your day gets easier with the Lenovo Smart Display. The company may add some more color variants to its lineup in the future. In fact, Cortana will be competing against other assistants this year with more presence on devices. If you've used a smart speaker, you've experienced those times when it rattles off a response but you don't hear all of the details.

Voice assistant integration is the top smart-home trend at CES