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Watch Taylor Swift's New "End Game" Video with Ed Sheeran and Future

13 Janvier 2018

During the Tokyo segment, Taylor is seen walking on the street and above her head is a sign that reads "Meredith Olivia" in Japanese. On the one hand it's catchy and has a guest feature from Future, who is the last person we thought would ever appear on a Taylor Swift album. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the "giant behemoth", to quote Martha Stewart's recent description of the cruise boats, the partying ensues. Fans will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance of the public on-sale for the added US dates via the Taylor Swift Presale powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan. Ed Sheeran and Future video. Duh, but here's some scenery of more booze just to prove it.

It was previously reported that all the places in the video where spots he liked to hang out with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Of course, being a celebrated cat lady, it wasn't surprising to see that a feline was spotted in the background of the video.

It's pretty hard to buy Swift and Sheeran's casual outing in Tokyo or Swift's supposedly uninhibited dance moves. Swift riding a motorcycle!

What do you think of Taylor Swift's newest music video?

After that, Sheeran's manager introduced the now-BFFs and the rest is pop music and social media history.

But in "End Game", Swift hits the beach at night.

Is this what its all about - mistaken her as Katy Perry?!

All the stops are pulled out to revise Swift's outdated girl-next-door image into something more mature but equally personable: It's a successful effort.

Sorry guys, party's over.

Annnnd then we simply can not forget to mention how the former country crooner drives a freakin' motorcycle through the streets of Tokyo, Japan, while wearing a snakeskin body suit.

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