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Flake says bipartisan group of senators has reached immigration deal

14 Janvier 2018

Ramirez highlights the checkpoints maintained by the Customs and Border Patrol inside the USA, on the county lines between San Diego County and its neighbors, Orange and Imperial counties.

They didn't respond to the substance of this, whether he said those words or not.

The comments came during a meeting that included Durbin, Sen.

It also aims to end the phenomenon of so-called "chain migration", which sees U.S. citizens and Green Card holders facilitate the entry of their family members to the country.

"We're pleased that bipartisan members are talking", President Donald Trump's congressional liaison Marc Short said Thursday, but added, "I think there's still a ways to go". We'll see if that changes the direction of things, which at this point, is in an absurdly muddled place.

The significance of the senators' agreement was initially unclear.

"How do 6 people bind the other 94 in the Senate? It's different. So that's easier for the other side to accept", Flake said.

Cornyn said the six lawmakers were hoping for a deal and "everyone would fall in line".

Then-President Barack Obama created DACA by executive order in 2012, but Trump announced past year that he was discontinuing it and gave lawmakers until March 5 (when the program is set to expire) to come up with a permanent legislative solution for these young migrants, who otherwise could face deportation even though for many of them the USA is the only country they have ever called home.

Lawmakers have been rushing to forge a deal on the young immigrants protected under the soon-to-be-cancelled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Judge Alsup wrote that he questioned the administration's argument that Daca had not been implemented legally.

The Senate group's proposal focused on four elements that had been agreed to during a meeting Trump convened with lawmakers earlier this week at the White House. That group met for the first time this week.

Perdue said the President made it clear again to members of both parties that any deal on Dreamers must also include money for a border wall, an end to chain migration, and an end to the Diversity Visa lottery. She criticized the president for upholding policies and executive orders that have sought to exclude immigrants who have working legally for decades; to ban people from Muslim-majority countries overseas; and to terminate the DACA program. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA). Trump said, the Washington Post reported, according to two people briefed on the meeting.

Republicans like Pennsylvania Congressman Lou Barletta on the other.

Congress ought to take Trump up on his offer: Send him a DACA fix right away and get back to work on comprehensive immigration reform.

She found a passion in advocating for people living in fear, a feeling she lived with for many years before the DACA program granted her protection.

Republicans controlling Congress have resisted combining immigration and the budget into one bill.

"We want to have a DACA compromise", House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin told reporters.

Trump's promise to build a wall along the Mexican border was a central tenet of his campaign for president.

The senators say the deal also revamps a visa lottery and rules helping immigrants' relatives enter the U.S.

Among Republicans, some conservatives are insisting on going further than the steps that Trump has suggested.

Flake says bipartisan group of senators has reached immigration deal