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Immigration Services Continue To Accept DACA Renewals

14 Janvier 2018

One Democratic lawmaker says that Republicans need to loudly denounce the disparaging remarks President Donald Trump allegedly made about Haiti and African countries.

Aides to Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., a longtime GOP broker on immigration policy, said Thursday that a deal has been reached; and other congressional aides familiar with the negotiations confirmed that the group is now consulting with the White House. Trump later explained he considers a border wall part of a clean DACA bill. "They are all talk and no action", Trump tweeted.

"I'm not sure what the next step will be", Durbin told reporters.

"You can not dismiss entire countries and continents as 'sh-tholes, ' whose entire populations, who are not white, are therefore not welcome", he added.

President Donald Trump rejected a bipartisan deal Thursday at the White House regarding immigration reform. "When we have young people like this, we're notifying parents all over the world, 'Whatever you do, get your kid to the United States, '" said Rohrabacher. Dick Durbin, who was at the White House meeting, said Friday that the president "said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly". If Congress is unable to make it so, the blame clearly will fall on lawmakers, not Trump.

"I always wanted to be in that level where you could do something that mattered - and not for the parties and the fame of it, but really do something that was helpful to people", she says.

No doubt better border security and a more logical guest worker visa program are essentials, but all these issues can be dealt with after Congress passes a budget, which is the real priority now.

The president and lawmakers are in the midst of intense negotiations about how to shield almost 800,000 "dreamers" from deportation.

Four months after President Trump announced he would end the Obama-era executive action shielding young undocumented immigrants from deportation, no resolution bill has come close to the Oval Office yet.

"E-Verify is the most effective deterrent to illegal immigration because it shuts off the jobs magnet and saves jobs for hardworking Americans", Rep. Lamar Smith, a Republican from Texas, said on the House floor Wednesday. "These are human beings, not commodities".

The tentative deal also addresses border security, including a border wall, the diversity visa lottery and so-called chain migration, a program by which USA green-card holders can sponsor other family members for permanent residence in the country. "You tell me who the public will blame if this doesn't get done". The Wolff book rings true, with its jaw-dropping portrait of chaos and intrigue, warring White House factions and infantile narcissism - it's simultaneously amusing and terrifying. Despite what the Democrats and their allies in the media are hoping for, he's not going to be removed from office.

In addition, they proposed a down payment of the $1.6 billion requested by the administration this year on border security, limits to the ability of recipients to sponsor family members and an end to the diversity lottery and reallocation of those visas in part to cover people who were under Temporary Protected Status.

"The only thing that's saved us from a massive onslaught of people crossing our borders from all over the world, many of whom probably would have been detrimental to us in terms of terrorism, it's been alerting the American people that's given us the leverage", said Rohrabacher.

Republican Representatives Carlos Curbelo and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, both from Florida, have also promised to vote against any spending bill that does not include a DACA fix.

Mia Love, a congresswoman from Utah who is of Haitian descent, called Trump's reported comments "unkind" and "divisive", and demanded an apology. But neither he nor the White House disputed the most controversial of his remarks: using the word "s--hole" to describe Africa nations and saying he would prefer immigrants from countries like Norway instead. I never said, 'take them out.' This was made up by Democrats.

Immigration Services Continue To Accept DACA Renewals