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Lenovo has a Google Home with a Display

14 Janvier 2018

REUTERS/Dado RuvicGoogle smart displays, in partnership with Lenovo and other brands, are in direct competition with the Amazon Echo Show.

One can palpably feel it in the air that Google really really wants the Assistant to take off and become more mainstream.

CES 2018 provided a platform for the display provider Vuzix which has been trying to make a fresher, advanced model of Google glasses for quite some time now and seems to have finally succeeded.

Consumer behavior changed dramatically when Amazon added the ability to control Fire TVs with the company's Echo speakers last summer. All these giants will launch their own smart displays in the coming months, later this year.

The market is full of awesome smart devices.

Amazon's voice AI Alexa managed to dominate the entire event by being integrated into so many devices than you could probably count. Devices that have so far been featured include JBL and LG, who have each boasted the newest smart speakers in the market. We have a feeling more OEMs will follow. You got to check out this video right now! Recently, Google showcased "smart displays" featuring their AI. You can even explore and sort out all the photos stored in Google Photos. Say, for example, you ask for a restaurant recommendation and the Smart Display provides you with one. In the meantime, CES 2018 might be filled with smart products until its final day. Revealing that it sold millions of Echo units, reports have uncovered that Amazon may not have actually made any profit from the sales. With a simple voice command a user can access an array of information, such as weather, news or sports scores, play games and plug into thousands of "skills", the Alexa version of a smartphone app. The Smart Display is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 624 Chipset.

Tapping on any of the cards will show you what an Assistant app can do, how to invoke it and which devices it's available on.

In what's becoming an annual tradition, the CES electronics trade show, being held this week in Las Vegas, has brought a flurry of announcements of new gadgets built to work with the Seattle company's voice-activated Alexa software.

LG Electronics Inc chose Google for televisions it unveiled this week, but opted for Alexa in refrigerators because of its online shopping functionality. However still 43% of consumers disagree with the decision by many manufacturers to remove the headphone socket from their devices.

Lenovo has a Google Home with a Display