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Russia criticises UN talks called by US — Iran protests

14 Janvier 2018

Present-day officials, journalists and tech execs should take their cue from Cohen but go further, seeking to provide platforms outside Iran for dissidents to speak out and supply accurate information to those inside Iran about both the protests and the costs of the regime's policies, along with the technical tools Iranians need to evade censorship and surveillance.

"The Iranian people are rising up in over 79 locations throughout the country", Haley said.

· In May, 2014, four young men and three women who created a video of themselves dancing together were arrested and charged with engaging in "illicit relations".

As a long-time Iranian, I can tell you that the support of the US and President Trump is invaluable to the ordinary Iranians: they feel helpless and alone in the face of the monsters who have been oppressing them for so long. Washington has already imposed sanctions against five Iranian firms alleged to have been working on what the US said was an illegal ballistic missile programme. Trump should leave the pact in place and concentrate on Iranian meddling abroad. We expect that the right to peaceful demonstration and freedom of expression will be guaranteed, following President Rouhani's public statements.

Some Tehranis said claims from the US that they were desperate for freedom were overblown.

"The deaths of some detainees were a result of beatings and neglect of the physical condition of the injured by the detention center's officials", an excerpt of the parliamentary report read. Only British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft openly defended the move.

There cannot be a Canadian alive today who fails to be shocked by the impact of the regime that took power at that time.

That was a warning as much for the Iran.

Tehran Gov. Mohammad Hossein Moghimi indicated he did not want to see a repeat of the kind of detentions that occurred following the Green Movement protests.

Amid the unrest and anti-government rallies that began last week, Iran has also seen three days of pro-government demonstrations, with crowds in the tens of thousands. The vast majority taking part are youngsters who have no stake in the regime and no individual, group or party they can rely on to solve their problems. It is unclear how many of the detained have since been released. Many of the youth are highly educated and tech-savvy but they cannot find jobs.

Here are six charts that help explain the hardships faced by ordinary Iranians. Large pro-government rallies were held in response. The international community made the mistake of failing to do that in 2009.

Of course, the cause of Iran's economic troubles is also systemic. Authorities say the anti-government protests are waning.

"Have no mercy on Americans", he said. According to the Iranian authorities, more than 450 rioters have been arrested and will stand trial soon.

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli on January 4 downplayed the number of protesters who have participated in the marches over the past week.

The official IRNA news agency quoted Zarif as saying that "such efforts" will only backfire. On the ground in Iran, however, the unrest appears to have ebbed on Friday.

"Mr Trump passed laws against Iranians such as the immigration ban, and he called Iranians 'savages'. and suddenly he is sympathizing and supporting Iranians and it is ridiculous", said Khalili, a government worker in Tehran.

The White House declared it would seek new sanctions against those involved in the crackdown.

The United States and Israel have expressed support for the protests, which began on December 28 in Iran's second largest city, Mashhad, but deny allegations of fomenting them.

"You are dispersing the energy of the Security Council, instead of focusing it on dealing with key crisis situations in Afghanistan, Syria Libya, Iraq, Yemen, DPRK, the African continent".

A United Nations Security Council meeting that centered on anti-government protests in Iran was another foreign policy blunder of US President Donald Trump's administration, Iran's foreign minister wrote on his Twitter account.

Russia criticises UN talks called by US — Iran protests