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Rwanda Saddened by President Trump 'Racist' Comments

14 Janvier 2018

Sean Penn slammed President Trump's "disgraceful" comments about immigrants from Haiti and Africa in an op-ed for Time published on the eighth anniversary of the devastating 2010 Haiti natural disaster.

Dick Durbin, a Democrat who attended an immigration meeting with President Trump on Thursday, confirmed Friday that the president made comments he considered "vile and racist" about immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. Trump said, people briefed on the meeting told The Washington Post.

Reports of the president's language referring to people of colour from the other countries drew criticism from US lawmakers of both major parties and critics overseas who said they could not be described as anything but racist.

Mr. Trump has tweeted a denial that he made this statement.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: US President Donald Trump sought Friday to quell a global firestorm over his reported denunciation of immigration from "shithole countries" - a slur slammed at home and overseas as racist.

Former Vice President Joe Biden weighed in on Twitter Friday morning.

Before Jackson served Trump, he was President Barack Obama's doctor.

Duncan, R-3rd District and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee's Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, has long supported the island nation's recovery from a devastating 2010 quake, but has also called for more transparency in USA aid money sent to the country.

"Not only does he think brown countries are sh*t-holes, he thinks, what, we're never going to know what he said?" he said.

Special status given to about 59,000 Haitian immigrants, protecting them from deportation following the 2010 quake, will end next year following a Trump administration ruling last month.

Mr Trump said the bipartisan immigration proposal is "a big step backwards" because it does not fund a wall along the Mexican border, and claimed it would force the United States "to take large numbers of people from high crime countries which are doing badly".

In December of that year, when he called for a travel ban barring all Muslim travelers from the U.S.

He continued, "President Donald Trump's words describing the glorious people of Africa, El Salvador and Haiti is far worse than mere insensitivity or even nationalism".

Unless it was specifically said about South Sudan, we have nothing to say, South Sudan government spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny told the AP. Africans woke up on Friday to find President Donald Trump taking an interest in their continent.

Republican Mia Love, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, said Mr Trump's comments were "unkind, divisive, elitist and fly in the face of our nation's values".

The White House will determine what information will be released, to the public regarding the check-up, since Trump is not compelled to release any information soon.

And in August 2017, when he recognized "very fine people", among the white supremacists who incited chaos and violence in Charlottesville.

Haitian Sen. Youri Latortue said that Trump's remarks were also galling because they came just before the United States marks the birthday of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday.

Trump has spoken positively about Haitians in public.

This is not the first time Trump has rubbed Africans up the wrong way - he was widely derided a year ago after he twice referred to Namibia as "Nambia". Baraldsnes found a U.S. citizen living in Norway and asked why she made the move, in the opposite direction.

Rwanda Saddened by President Trump 'Racist' Comments